Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Head covering/Hijab... For one who doesn't believe in it

Why would someone want to wear hijab if they don't even believe in it? To clarify my title, I believe in hijab in the sense that it can be something spiritually beneficial for a person (and beneficial in other ways) but I DO NOT believe that it's obligatory for a woman to cover her hair, that there is any sin-factor in showing her hair. That basically, someone showing her hair and someone wearing hijab are on completely equal ground!

I see head covering in Islam as a cultural practice.

It's religious for those who do it for those reasons - I don't want to take that away from anyone. And if I were to start wearing a head cover, it would be for spiritual reasons, which in a way is not that far off from being religious reasons. Difference being that it's not for reasons of dogma (obligation, following rules), it's for spiritual wellness and remembrance of the Creator. At the base, the decision would be made ONLY because I feel it brings me something positive, and in no way because I feel forced or obliged.

My journey into religion and spirituality has been a pretty gradual affaire, but mixed with a lot of confusion and uncertainty. A person simply can't go from nothing to truth without a lot of thinking and learning. I also believe it takes some life experience, especially for someone like me raised in a home where God wasn't a word I heard. God didn't play a part in my life or thoughts, except as the main character of Catholicism which I disliked a lot from childhood. And as an 8 year old child I didn't have the information to bring God out of Catholicism and see him in a different light. I saw him, as mentionned, mostly as a character, not someone/something who should be important in my life... I grew up an atheist and honestly, I'm thankful for that!! I was able to start FRESH! Even if forming a connection with my Creator was harder than someone who already believes in God and just wants to find the answers, I feel it's bringing me to where I need to be, at the right time, in the right way.

Now anyone reading this can tell I'm not your typical Muslim. I don't have what are considered the traditional beliefs to start with... But I don't see why that should stop me when in my heart I want to submit to God and the person I am is drawn to the way Muslims worship and I do believe in the Qur'an as a divinely inspired book, and out of all such books, this is the one I'm drawn to and feel I get the most out of. I also get a lot from the Sunnah (traditions of prophet Muhammad) and I'm more drawn to all of this than the history and practices of any other religion.

Sometimes I really want nothing to do with being seen as Muslim. And so far this has been my reality. Not many people know I consider myself Muslim and it kind of makes me uncomfortable! I don't like the idea of assumptions being made about what I probably believe since I'm a Muslim - mostly because my beliefs are so different! Also because I was so unsure myself, and not very confident in where I was at, slowly wobbling around this spiritual path.

I know that beliefs and ideas and committment will only continue to evolve, but right now, I have found some confidence!!

That's why I feel like I could actually go out in a head cover and be OK with the people assuming I'm Muslim and all that comes with that. I could feel OK with people closer to me asking me about it and my reasoning. I feel like being "openly religious" would benefit me as well, as a reminder of the committment I'm making towards God to put Him before the opinion and judgement of others. A real concrete step in that direction.

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