Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Where I stand, what I am!

I don't feel like my beliefs have changed a lot in the past couple years. I believe in God and consider myslef an agnostic theist and progressive not-so-much practicing Muslim. I don't feel a strong pull towards organized religion and I 100% definitely don't believe it's a necessity to follow a religion, Islam included. I think we can do it all on our own and follow God's will but that it's also possible for religion to enrich our lives.

I admit that I like feeling like other people believe the same things as me and find communication with them very enriching! Or people who believe in the same values and observe them in different ways - extremely enriching! In a way, this is a religious experience and togetherness and unity is so beautiful.

I like the idea that when I pray (salat), I do it in the same (almost) way as so many millions of Muslims around the world. There is something about this ritual that really does bring me closer to God in a real way and brings me peace. I don't feel like I've sinned when I don't pray for a long time, I just believe that being active in our rituals is better for us. I believe God is pleased when people think of Him and prayer is one way to do that.

Islam is the closest religion for me (progressive Islam). I'm also very drawn to the idea of the tao. I believe that everything is perfectly balanced and I see Islam as supporting that as well. Really, this idea of balance is how I accept darkness and evil. Without it, what would light and goodness be?

I don't think of what others are (good or bad) because I see life as having unlimited things about it that I just DON'T KNOW or specifically CAN'T KNOW. This is the basis of my belief system. That there's just too much I can't know. I believe that we're all equipped to work out the truth inside ourselves, with the help of people around us, other thinkers (lectures, books, etc), scholars and prophets. Not the whole truth, but the amount of truth that we're meant to deal with and know as humans. I'm not the type to go into deep philosophical thought, I prefer to leave a lot of that to the mysteries of God.

So that's mostly it in a few paragraphs :)

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