Monday, March 10, 2014

The Charter (Bill 14)

I'm so sick of the closed-mindedness! I used to be proud of being both Quebecker and Canadian. I saw myself as having both identities, like someone with dual citizenship in a way, and sometimes it felt like being both wasn't even two separate identities, but just one, the one that I was...

Not anymore.

As time progresses, I've become embarrassed/ashamed of some parts of my Quebecker identity. I've become disconnected with the language and culture. It seems like I can't see past franco= xenophobe. It's all over the news, it's all over the words and faces of people I meet. Most of them are perfectly OK talking to a "non-franco" and can act with respect... But as a person who "passes" for a franco (since I'm both), I hear things and even if they can deal with immigrants, there's a strong underlying dislike, there's inappropriate language being used on a day to day basis.

This Charter of HATE has amplified all of this. Now people are welcome to show their hate, there's no use hiding it! It's truly disgusting.

Elections have been called so on April 7th, we find out if the population of Quebec has united in their dislike and hate of anything different enough to make the government a majority instead of the minority they have now. If so, WATCH OUT... :(

It'll be worse for the Charter.. immigrants and even Anglos.. And the question of separating from Canada.

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Susanne said...

so sorry! Please keep us updated on this situation. I guess you heard about the Swiss people voting to curb immigration. I heard Germans were really upset since they are the largest immigrant group there. Hmmm.

Candice said...

Update on this is that the Québec population made me proud, not even electing that party (the one proposing the Charter) in a minority gov - NOPE! They are not leading us anymore, and the Liberals won provincially.

As of Oct 19, 2015, the federal Liberals have also won a majority government.

I felt a sense of pride and reunification with my identity on both those election dates.

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