Monday, January 6, 2014

So Basically..

All people are to a certain degree mislead, aren't we?

Here are my thoughts:

I say this as someone who believes there's an absolute truth that exists that is totally beyond our knowledge. I believe that we receive little  bits of this truth to work with (part of it in our natural core self, part in inspired books, part through other humans who have taught us, wherever they got it from) but our nature limits what we can understand, and as well leads us in all sorts of "wrong" directions.

Someone who doesn't believe this might just say that we're all on the path we ourselves desire, and that there's nothing "wrong" with any of it (therefore, we can't be "mislead")...

But I really, truly believe that we are unable to FULLY be on this true path.

Most non-religious people might disagree with this because of non-belief in ultimate truth and religious people might disagree because they believe they have all they need to fully understand the true path in whichever book or tradition they follow.

Seeing the differences in interpretation of the very same text or tradition seems a super-clear proof that we just can't know what is the truth! Seeing how many people believe each different interpretation, none of which are more or less intelligent than the others overall... Well, I can't say it differently: it's proof that we can't know which is the true. Knowledge and belief are VERY DIFFERENT THINGS!

And if there's one thing that's knowledge, it's that there's a WHOLE LOT that we don't know!

I'll leave it at this for now but I think I'll continue on this train of thought another day. :)

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