Tuesday, January 14, 2014

30 Things Day 23: Hobbies

I never finished this thing when I started it a LONG time ago! Here I am to continue, click my tag "30 things" if you're interested in reading the others. 

23. List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them.

1) Running - Setting goals and meeting them. An amazing sense of accomplishment when I get it done. Seeing my fitness improve and feeling better overall. Knowing I'm setting a good example for my kids and husband by leading an active lifestyle. Getting outside and seeing nature when running on trails and in the mountains.

2) Blogging - It's something I do for myself... It's like my diary, but the knowledge that others might be reading helps me be more focused and organized in what I'm saying, and it motivates me to go further in what I want to say, which in turn helps me even more :) Another aspect of blogging is conversation with others, especially on my beauty blog and scrap booking memories on my fully private blog about my children. 

3) Wandering around the internet - I'm sure everyone feels this way for similar reasons! 

4) Going to the park - I love seeing my kids letting loose and having fun and the park is a place where both my children are having fun in a pretty safe setting. 

5) Shopping - After years of hating it, I grew to love shopping. The products, the deals, the variety of items that can be purchased! It's materialistic and not my best quality, but it's still something I enjoy and I won't sit here and deny it. 

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Susanne said...

I enjoyed reading this,and am glad to see more posts from you. :)

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