Thursday, November 14, 2013

Quebec Charter of Values (Anti-Muslim Charter basically)

I'm completely appalled, even nauseated at my government and this "Charter of Values" that they are proposing. The idea behind the charter (the real one is to target Muslims, but I'll try to give you the one they present) is to secularize the state, make sure there's equality between men and women and to structure religious accommodation. All in the name of harmony! A few things from this charter:

  • Limiting religious signs for all state employees including healthcare, education (from subsidized daycare to university)
    • Crucifix, hijab, turban, yamaka, kirpan all banned there
    • Little cross chain is OK
    • Ring with star of David or crescent moon is OK
  • Must have face uncovered to receive state services (I partly agree with this for identification purposes, but once that's done, she should be able to re-cover.)
  • Cross stays at the National Assembly as part of our heritage, same as celebrating Christmas. 

I feel nauseated thinking about it because of how many friends and members of my family actually support it and share such xenophobic things on Facebook and say such things... They probably hate Muslims and other minorities more than ever. The more we talk about it, the more hostile it gets. Wanting to take measures against multi-culturalism, wanting more extreme laws against the English language, wanting to send back any Muslim who doesn't agree with the charter back, as though they all come from somewhere else. 

I'm disappointed that I know and love so many ignorant people! They cannot hear reason, their way of life and language are more important to them them and they are scared of losing it to the point of oppressing others. All the while they talk about how backwards countries in the Middle East are by putting their beliefs on the whole population or how backwards the USA is now allowing gays to marry in many states when it doesn't affect the lives of the other heterosexuals there. Pure hypocrisy. These people are the same as anyone else in any country who blindly believes whatever it is that they government and media tell them, spitting back the same arguments they hear. 

I generally dislike organized religion and I don't believe in it, but I do support people's rights to believe and practice. I believe that different people have different needs and that includes religious or spiritual needs which are met by the variety of religious that exist, and they should be able to practice their beliefs, whether religious or not.

God, I hate people. Takes a lot of energy out of me to see my friends and family for their other qualities, trying not to lose to much respect for them when they say things... I'd have few conversations in a day if I let these things get to me, from work to home (husband is the opposite kind of hypocrite).

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Susanne said...

What do you mean about your husband being an opposite kind of hypocrite?

I'm sorry you are struggling so much with this proposed charter in your country. Thanks for sharing about it.

Candice said...

That was maybe the wrong way to put it... I guess a hypocrite is a hypocrite either way. I just meant that they have different reasons for being the exact same way. In my province, people are so against religion and "for" the French language that they don't mind taking rights away from people who are religious or who don't speak French...

It's not in my husband's interests for things to be this way since he is (kinda) religious and he struggles with French... He wants to be able to practice his religion and for laws to not prevent him from functionning as much as possible in English in his day to day life, but he will insult unilinguals and people in general who do not practice any religion. He wants his freedoms but he wouldn't mind taking away their's... But for the opposite reasons.

Karen lee Wightman said...

I know what you mean..and I for one cannot even begin to tell you the stress..anger..frustration...and fear I feel on a daily basis.
I get newspapers and media emailing me almost 2-3 times a week for interviews and I just wanna hide !!

People you know me , love me do not see me as the hijabi lady..they see me as Karen that just wears a scarf on her head instead of her neck and that she lives a clean life . That's it... I just wanna be able to LIVE.

Candice said...

So nice to see you on my blog Karen.

The whole situation here is so frustrating though, what dumb crap... Some people are just... UGH

Ahmed said...

First of all thank you for letting me participate in this subject by allowing this post, also if you dont like my post u can just delete it,

and Whoa Whoa, me hypocrite? why? even though u answered,

- I believe in democracy and freedom of everyone as long as it doesn't attack others people freedom, like i shouldn't be playing my music loud after 11 pm not to annoy neighbors or run naked in the street etc..

and ofc it gets me angry and frustrated to see someone like that idiot Marwaz or w/e her name is trying to bring Quebec to medieval ages, And honestly i dont care about Quebec politics much, i like a liberal party over a racist one and i am sorry to call racist but it is...
and about me calling french people who refused to speak English are stupid because they are !!!!... that doesn't include our neighbor for example( I know she can't and she is old to do so, so i do my best to communicate in french ), but what about someone who actually can speak English and he/she knows my french is not perfect and pretend to be ignorant and can't speak English?

i can't be perfect in french so sometimes i need help,, Remember what i told u today? we had a laugh at work about the new keychain that everyones get at work and the trainer "mait pas ca dans ton qou" form me it sounds like dont put this in your put... and she actually ment dont put it around your neck,

- About banning Hijab etc.. thats a pure attackign the freedom of muslims , jewesh , hindos... i dont see it's attacking anyones business to do these stuff ... on the other hand giving right of marraige for gays does damage the values of the word marriage ... marriage between man and a wife ... i just dont see it as a good thing to do gay marriage ... but whom I decide for the majority,

- so Candice ( off topic since you mentioned it) , I am just saying yes candice i am against gay marriage as u know but it's their business marriage wont change anything in someone who wanna do something i consider bad... but he will damage the definition for me and my kids which i care about the most, and seriously you are like dying to see one of your friends being gay ... like your ex best friend just because she never had a bf and even though her brother said she has on and off relations and you said its more like trying to cover for her not coming out of the closet, and the other friend who we found out she has a bf, and even your cousin's daughter you as assume she is... just i hope you realize you have obsession with gay rights since it's Islam forbid it and i am against it,

- Finally i am an Anti-racist, racist people bugs me so much and i like to make them feel like shit even if i have to brag about who i am versus them to make them realize they r just humans ( so if you consider this as Hypocrite act then ok as you wish )
for an example: quebec people seriously act like they have been on north america forever when they just invaded these lands 400 years ago they have almost no history... and they r always remember the hatred towards english and french " J'me souviens" they wanna rememeber that french people let them down and english tookover as federal government and they had to surrender to them.

The racism in quebec is always against english people and now against non christians!!! and AGAIN not every quebecer is like that there are maybe 5% who are like that and there is maybe 1% who thinks they r the chosen ones and they r best who ever existed and those pissed me off so when i see someone going over i can just be like him and remind him who the fuck r u ? I am egyptian i have over 7000 years of civilization u r nothing to me ( even though i think as egyptian i should never brag about that specially we take as an execuses to feel better seeing that we r in the bottom of the nations ) so w/e candice i think i am being hypocrite about that then ?

thank you for reading...

Candice said...

OK... Honestly Ahmed you don't need to be so defensive.

Ahmed said...

just last update about that topic i heared today from my morocon friend that they are taking out jewesh people from the banned list due to their "suffering" with the Nazi, so now jewesh people are free to get served while having their relegious signs and no one bother them

and what is worse that even christian now are allowed to wear their stuff too... there is someone dunno his name in the gov said that law was to stop Muslims and it should be like that.. so seriously i feel like i need to sue this f...up racist government... or join a party thats anti-racist or even create one lol ( not a joke really but frustrated with how things are medieval here or like mid-evil!!! )

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