Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fuck Normality

What does this slogan mean to you?

To me it means that we don't have to be just like everyone else.
That we should feel free to do things that are considered different.
To dress in a way that is different.
We should focus on being who we are, instead of what's expected of us.
We should not put importance on what "they" will think, but zone in on what we really are beneath all the pressure.
The vulgarity of the message reinforces the negative aspect of conforming to what is "normal".

Notice that I speak in "shoulds". I'm at the stage where I realize the impact that my desire to fit into society has on who I've become or who I appear to be. I'm not 100% pure "me" and I never will be, but I know I can make some small steps towards her.

Who are you, and who would you be without the pressure of society?

Quebec Charter of Values (Anti-Muslim Charter basically)

I'm completely appalled, even nauseated at my government and this "Charter of Values" that they are proposing. The idea behind the charter (the real one is to target Muslims, but I'll try to give you the one they present) is to secularize the state, make sure there's equality between men and women and to structure religious accommodation. All in the name of harmony! A few things from this charter:

  • Limiting religious signs for all state employees including healthcare, education (from subsidized daycare to university)
    • Crucifix, hijab, turban, yamaka, kirpan all banned there
    • Little cross chain is OK
    • Ring with star of David or crescent moon is OK
  • Must have face uncovered to receive state services (I partly agree with this for identification purposes, but once that's done, she should be able to re-cover.)
  • Cross stays at the National Assembly as part of our heritage, same as celebrating Christmas. 

I feel nauseated thinking about it because of how many friends and members of my family actually support it and share such xenophobic things on Facebook and say such things... They probably hate Muslims and other minorities more than ever. The more we talk about it, the more hostile it gets. Wanting to take measures against multi-culturalism, wanting more extreme laws against the English language, wanting to send back any Muslim who doesn't agree with the charter back, as though they all come from somewhere else. 

I'm disappointed that I know and love so many ignorant people! They cannot hear reason, their way of life and language are more important to them them and they are scared of losing it to the point of oppressing others. All the while they talk about how backwards countries in the Middle East are by putting their beliefs on the whole population or how backwards the USA is now allowing gays to marry in many states when it doesn't affect the lives of the other heterosexuals there. Pure hypocrisy. These people are the same as anyone else in any country who blindly believes whatever it is that they government and media tell them, spitting back the same arguments they hear. 

I generally dislike organized religion and I don't believe in it, but I do support people's rights to believe and practice. I believe that different people have different needs and that includes religious or spiritual needs which are met by the variety of religious that exist, and they should be able to practice their beliefs, whether religious or not.

God, I hate people. Takes a lot of energy out of me to see my friends and family for their other qualities, trying not to lose to much respect for them when they say things... I'd have few conversations in a day if I let these things get to me, from work to home (husband is the opposite kind of hypocrite).

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