Monday, May 27, 2013

What do I look like?|

Why are co-workers always asking me if I saw such and such article or show, or asking me to check it out when it has to do with Muslim culture?!

I didn't watch the show about the Taliban and the attrocities they've committed. I haven't seen the arciel about the little girl who was forced to get married to a horrible man who abused her. And I don't want to more than the person next to me.

They don't even know I'm Muslim, only that I'm married to one. Should I show her every article about children in Africa dying of malnutrition or AIDS just because she dated a black man last year?!

They're so fuckin' annoying. This happened twice today.

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Anonymous said...

This is somehow close to your experience :)

Candice said...

To the user named "truth":
Get the hell off my blog, you're no longer welcome, all comments will be deleted from now on and although you're free to read my content since it's public, know that my personal preference is that you just get lost and stop following my blog.

jazain said...

lol candice, i couldnt help but laugh when i read your last comment! get em!

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