Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Word "Terrorist"

What exactly does this word mean?

The Boston attack has been officially described as a terrorist act by the president of the United States, and mostly no one can argue that it's not. From my FB newsfeed, I've seen that the word means means nothing else than an act that causes terror. Well, clearly that's *part* of the definition, but it can't be the whole definition, at least not the way it's used in the media. They don't go around calling a murder-suicide a terrorist attack. As far as I know, even the Sandy Bay massacre was not called a terrorist attack.

When the act is carried out on innocent strangers with a motive (political or religious), it's a terrorist attack. That's the way I understand the word as it has been presented to me by the media. If it's a person who is mentally unstable who has no political or religious motive, it's not considered terrorism. If it's a single person who is doing it to people he actually knows, with personal motives, it's not terrorism.

Basically, the word these days is almost exclusively reserved for Muslims, by definition.

OH and the definition, of course, EXCLUDES cases when these same things are done TO Muslims. If an act like this is carried out on strangers who are Muslims, with political or religious motive, but it's done outside of the USA and done TO Muslims, it's no longer terrorirsm.

(sarcarsically) Isn't it just so fun to have this little loop in the language that makes it seem like everything is Muslims' faults?

I was talking to my friend and she heard on the radio that it was officially called a terrorist attack, and for her (as someone who is pretty simple in listening to what is said on the TV and radio and parrotting it back, not much for thinking for herself or reading between the lines), that was a different way to say it was done by Muslims, or "a race" (a person of a different ethnicity, as she calls them). Sounds even worse to me when she says it in French since "race" and "breed" are the same word, sounds like she's talking about a dog. UGH

Frustrating time for Muslims continue.

May God open our hearts to love, all of us... Amin.

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edibe @ edbdesigns said...

I also have to commend President Obama for his initial statement: "Let us not jump to conclusions..." etc etc... "We do not yet know who did this" etc etc... "justice will be served"... I was impressed that he warned the people from immediately thinking "it's those dreaded! muslims'... ahhh it's sad that this is the first thing I dread rather than thinking about the victims...

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