Wednesday, February 27, 2013

HALAL Nail Polish! Can be worn all day, every day, all the time!

Inglot Cosmetics has come out with nail polish that allows oxygen and water to seep through. Gone are the days of having to wear nail polish ONLY during your periods, ladies!

Any woman who is a bit interested in nail polish knows that the reason it's considered haram to wear during certain times for women is that it doesn't allow water to touch the nails and is therefore thought to make wudu invalid (and prayers performed too). With this nail polish, the reason for nail polish being haram is gone. So it's halal.

Here is a link to the page containing the colours available. It's a high end brand so it's not the most affordable... It's probably twice what most of us normally might pay for nail polish... But doesn't the idea of this existing make you happy as a Muslim?

I'm not writing this as the Muslim who prays all her prayers and prevents herself from wearing nail polish except during my period... No, it's true that that is not me. But the idea is still exciting to me and I love the idea of freely wearing polish and praying, even if I have not made any of that (wearing nail polish OR praying) a habit...

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