Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Goals for 2013

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Here's a list of goals that I have for 2013. I still need to work on making some of them more structured and specific so I can better accomplish them, and I want to do a monthly accountability post too. I recommend you check outEllesy's post on making resolutions, it's very helpful!


1. Figure out my eyebrows

2. Continue my no-buy. I guess I should call it a low-buy since I'm fully open to adding products I lack in my stash and replacing used up products.


3. Stick to "the routine". I made a routine when my daughter started KG, my son was entering daycare and I was getting back to work after my maternity leave and I am no longer sticking to it at all. The structure was helping everyone settle down well and with different stresses going on and some fatigue, I have not been respecting my own rules.


4. Get things we don't use or need out of our daily living spaces.

5. Get rid of a lot of things we don't use or need.

  • If I am able to get on board with my own idea that I'm not having any more kids, I want to get rid of baby stuff I have.
  • I want to get rid of things that I don't use but that are also not useful for anyone else, even if I know they are useful somehow... Know what I mean? Like old pyjamas or towels from 15 years ago. I can still wear them and they still dry me, but they are too old and ugly to ever be useful for others, and I have gotten others over time and these need to go. 

6. Make a space for my son so he can leave my bedroom. 

7. Make a space for ME when that happens. I still have not decorated my bedroom in any sort of way and I've been here for 3 years... It's very teenage dorm style and maybe I finally deserve a place that I feel comfortable in?


8. Save the equivalent of 15% of my net income. When/If my husband's financial situation changes (for the better), I will increase that percentage. Time will tell on that one so I'm not going to set any goals that rely on others. 


9. Make some active efforts to maintain relationships with people I care about. When life gets busy I don't see people or contact people as often as I'd want to or should so a resolution is to keep better contact with them. From certain friends, close acquaintances, cousins, aunts and uncles.


10. Find a way to control my crazy yelling when I get upset and angry at home. There must be better ways to deal with frustration...


11. Be more spiritual. I have no idea where this resolution is going... Maybe I could make weekly goals a month in advance and try to stick to them, and try to add in permanently the things that work. From reading certain books to adding rituals into my day to day life... I will see.

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truth said...

exploring life with NO islam?

Anonymous said...

Great list!
What do you mean by your eyebrows? I feel mine are not symmetrical. They've been like that my whole life and it's really annoying!!!! I don't know what to do about them.

LK said...

For the frustration I recommend " Anger" by Ticht Naht Hanh. Very useful book about understanding anger and how to take it in, and learn to work with it.

If its because of the kids you might like "When You Feel Like Screaming" by Grace Ketterman and Patricia Holt

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Nice goals! The one about "figuring out your eyebrows" cracked me up! I think I have the same problem. I started plucking mine at 12 because they were so thick, but now they're thin and uneven in a few places, but the only way I've found to fix them is to pencil them in every morning. I works well enough for me!

I also need to work on staying in contact with friends more, which is hard because I'm just not much for talking on the phone, and a lot of my old friends live far away.

Candice said...

"truth", you misread my blog title. It's not Exploring life WITH Islam. It's Exploring Life AND Islam. This is my journey and the amount of importance Islam has in this life journey of mine will vary.

Muslimathome: Well, I also have a beauty blog so I wanted to throw in something beauty-focused. My eyebrows aren't symmetrical either and the shape isn't very nice so I want to make them look better!

LK: Thanks

Stacey: I'm glad you get the eyebrow problem lol. I plucked mine at around 12 too and made a mess of them! Still have not recovered hahaha

Susanne said...

I loved reading this, and I hope your new year is going well so far. :)

Hebah said...

best of luck with all your goals.

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