Tuesday, January 29, 2013

At One With God

This is the feeling I'm searching for.

To feel serenity instead of chaos, peace instead of turbulence, comfort instead of fear, love instead of anger and hate...

I might not be acting "religious" in Islam. I don't pray, I don't read Qur'an or hadith, I don't eat halal. Really, it's life as it comes naturally to me these days. I make dua and meditate occaisionally, I make efforts to be a good person in various ways. I do my best to be spiritual in some sort of way but don't follow any rituals.

I do believe that rituals can help a person find this "one with God" feeling that I'm searching for. I certainly felt closer to God when I was praying regularly and I never fasted a whole month but just a couple days and there were some "ahha!" moments in there. Reading Qur'an too helped me focus. I just don't believe that these are the only rituals that can work and basically I don't believe they are obligatory for a person. We each have our own paths.

But without rituals we can drift. And I feel like I'm drifting a bit at the moment.

Sometimes it's like being blind - I don't know where I'm going and I don't have it all figured out. But I know that I'll try again and I'll be where I need to be. Hopefully I continue to grow as a person and hopefully I stay on the straight path insha'Allah - if I even am or have been of course, only God knows.

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LK said...

It is really hard without ritual. I've had that issue since going toward Unitarianism. They don't have a doctrine, let alone strict ritual. You need to make your own to find your way to God, in this case.

I wish you the best on your search.

ellen557 said...

I feel a bit the same lately. I practice Islam, but got so distracted after my son that I just kept up with the basics... will be making dua that we can both get back to where we're content inshaAllah.

Muhammad Yahya said...

inshallah Allah will give you power to act on Islam with your full capacity ,,,

Hebah said...

In my own personal opinion as someone who has struggled with prayer from time to time, i found that prayer, lifted a weight off my shoulders and made me feel closer to god. i hope god guides you to the right path,
just remeber, prayer is the main pillar of islam

bangrudy said...

whatever you do for approaching the GOD, it makes you comfort for everything. Amien Ya Robb.

Umm BudiMary said...

I think the comparison would be valid if a person has STUCK TO PRAYER and like come to the place of really enjoying it and continuing that...then a person can make a great comparison.

On a legal point though :-) it does say in the Quran that prayers are obligated and also that we have to follow the messenger(repeated throughout the Quran). Prophet also told us to pray if we see him pray.
:-) so that's it. it is hard. but i think once the habit is established, it is hardER not to...if that makes sense :-)

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