Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Easy to Get Down About Islam

Whenever I hear stories about Muslims doing evil, I get a down about Islam (ex. murdering family members for disobeying the man, death penalty for gays, oppression of minorities, etc). I have also had negative experiences with multiple Muslim men who might not have been evil but who were doing things that are bad and linking at least part of their behaviour to Islam. And then I have experience with a lot of Muslims, mostly converts, who take Islam in a way that I believe is completely against its spirit. They become judgemental, negative people who are in no way flexible to the ways of life of others...

With all these things done "for" Islam or "because of" Islam, I feel sometimes like I don't want to be a part of it all. With all the things done for ANY organized religion, I don't want to be part of any of them to an equal degree.

I want to be a spiritual person, connected with God and connected with His creation in a positive way.

Being Muslim is important to me and my spiritual journey but it is not important to me socially. I'm closer to God when I'm away from other Muslims to be honest. That's not to say that I'm closer to God when I'm with non-Muslims because that's not true either... I'm just definitely not close to God when I'm around people who frustrate me with their views on Islam or people who are flat-out doing wrong in the name of Islam (which is just the worst thing) and I can't seem to find a community of Muslims that inspire me to be better.

I hope that someday I can find that but in the meantime, I feel the need to focus on my religion in a personal, private way.

What will be transmitted to my children will hopefully be that everyone is on equal ground. There's no automatic superiority because you can never know what a person believes or even what they do. That God knows everything, humans don't. That any effort to be good and do good is an effort worth making. That you cannot depend on others to always be responsible for you and that you are responsable for your own actions and beliefs in the end. That love and mercy are important.

I don't know what point I'm trying to make. I don't really have one. This is just a personal post about where I'm at right now in November 2012. Who knows where I'll be in another few months or years... It changes little by little and as time goes by I grow as a person. I stall too, but that's just the way it goes.

I have some issues I need to work out about this religion. I find it very easy to get down about it all based on what idiot Muslims do in the name of this beautiful, pure religion. It's sickening... I always come back to it: Is Islam more than what Muslims are/do? It has to be... Because if it's not, then I'm surely not a part of it.

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Anonymous said...

I comepletely understand what you're talking about. I hate what some Muslims do and I hate their attitudes about different things. It's getting harder and harder to seperate what Islam is and what Muslims do. I can understand big things. I can understand terrorism (in a way). I can understand people trying to preserve their culture and thier land. That has a lot to do with politics and it's not so black and white. But I don't understand the everyday things. The little things. The lack of respect for women, deep seated racism, apathy for the enviroment,lying and cheating in business. That's what gets to me.

LK said...

*hugs* I understand. I feel the same way about Catholicism. With all the bad tied to the church, how can I possibly accept that into my life again? So then does spiritually Islam, or any religion, transcend what its people think or do? It can for some. Not sure, like for me, that all can forget the bad to see the good. I suppose with some soul searching you'll figure it out.

Candice said...

Thanks for the support.

LK: You seem to know exactly how I feel! Soul searching is definitely going to be the answer here..

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Three Stages:- of spiritual development of A soul

Stage 1). Nafsul Ammara:
The Passionate soul "I do not absolve myself Lo the (human) soul is prone to evil, save that whenever my Lord has mercy. Lo, Lord is forgiving; merciful." (Surah Yusuf 12:53)

This soul inclines toward sensual Pleasure, passion and self gratification, anger, envy, greed, and conceit. Its concerns are pleasure of body, gratification of physical appetite, and ego.

Hadith "your most-ardent-enemy is your evil self which resides within your body" (Bukhaii).

If this evil soul is not checked it will lead to unusual stress and its resultant effects.

Stage 2.
.Nafsul Lawanunah (The Reproaching Soul). "Nay, I swear by the reproaching soul" (Qur'an 75:10)
This soul is conscious or aware of Evil, resists it, asks for God's grace and pardon, repents and tries to amend and hopes to achieve salvation.
"And (There are) others who have acknowledged their faults. They mix a righteous action with another that was bad. It may be that Allah will relent toward them. Lo! Allah is relenting, merciful." (Qur'an 9:102)
Hadith "These are two impulses within us. One spirit which calls towards good and confirms the truth. He who feels this impulse should know that it comes from Allah. Another impulse comes from our enemy (Devil= wrong thinking, negativity, wrong interpretations, believing fake ex-Muslims etc..) which leads to doubt and holds untruth and encourages evil. He /she who feels this should seek refuge in Allah from the accursed devil."
This soul warns people of their vain desire, guides and opens the door to virtue and righteousness. It is a positive step in spiritual growth.

Stage 3).
Nafsul Mutmainnah. (The satisfied soul) "O (you) soul in (complete) rest and satisfaction. Come back to your Lord, will pleased (yourself) and will pleasing unto him. Enter you then among my devotees, enter you in my heaven." (Qur'an 89:27-30)
This is the highest state of spiritual development. Satisfied soul is the state of bliss, content and peace. The soul is at peace because it knows that inspite of its failures in this world, It will return to God. Purified of tension, it emerges from the struggle with obstacles blocking the peace of mind and heart.
What should we do in panic and despair? In panic non-believers behave differently than believers. They have no one to return to, to ask for mercy and forgiveness, their life is this life, which they cannot control, thus get more depressed and increase in their state of wrong doing. Then we will see that if they are used to casual drinking will start drinking more and become alcoholic, or a barbital criminal.
On the other hand a believer should do the following:
a. Increase dhikr (Remembrance of God)
"Who have believed and whose heart have Rest in the remembrance of God. Verily in the remembrance of God, do hearts find rest." (Qur'an 13:28)
You always blame others, instead of correcting your own thoughts..

I think I am still in between first and second stage...
How about you?

Unknown said...

the following latest video is of nye, friend of rebecca..
i have learned a bit from this video something which helps me control myself while blaming others.


Unknown said...

stop backbting...

Gheebat (backbiting) is perhaps the most commonly committed sin of the tongue. Most people who are religious conscious would refrain from lying, swearing, slandering, etc. However, even such people invariably become entrapped in the snare of Shaitaan and allow their conversation to drift into gheebat. Indeed only the one who has a firm control of his tongue can be saved from this malady, but what is gheebat?
It is thus imperative that Gheebat be accurately identified and recognized in order to be able to refrain from it. The Ahaadith have defined this malady very simply and clearly. It is reported in a hadith that Rasulallah (saw) once inquired of the Sahaba (ra): "Do you know what gheebat is?" "Allah and His Messenger know best," they replied. "To mention something about your brother which he would dislike" Rasulallah (saw) informed them.
A person then asked: "What if this is true?" (That the person being spoken about is actually involved in that sin). The Messenger of Allah (saw) replied: "If it is true then you have indeed backbitten about him. But if it is untrue, then you have slandered him (which is worse)."
Hence to mention anything about a person in his absence which he would dislike is gheebat. The magnitude of the sin, the gravity of this malady could be gauged from the following Ahaadith. Rasulallah (saw) is reported to have said: "Gheebat is worse than zina (adultery)." In another hadith it is reported that there are more than seventy stages of consuming interest, the lowest of which is equivalent to cohabiting with one's mother. To consume one Dirham of interest is worse than committing adultery thirty five times.
However, a sin more severe than interest is the dishonoring of a Muslim (which is a natural consequence of gheebat). (Baiqahi) Engaging in gheebat is also an extremely costly affair. It is reported in a Hadith that on the day of Qiyamah the person who was backbitten about would claim retribution from the one who spoke ill of him. Allah (swt) will compensate the victim by handing over the good deeds (the currency of the Hereafter) of the culprit to him. If the latter has no good deeds to his credit, the sins of the victim would be transferred to him/her.

God has forbidden the believers from backbiting

O you who believe! Avoid much suspicion, in deeds some suspicions are sins. And spy not neither backbite one another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would hate it (so hate backbiting). And fear God, verily, God is the one who accepts repentance, Most Merciful. (49: 12)

When we reflect deeply over this assimilation it should be enough to keep us away from backbiting!

Candice said...

Not sure what to answer but thanks for your many comments I guess

Rachel said...

I am glad to have found your blog. I am seriously considering converting to Islam. For my own spiritual journey. But my family and my in laws are totally prejudiced against Muslims so I know none of them will take kindly to my decision. I am considering keeping it a secret from them?

Also I am married to a non-practising Christian who is cool with me converting but is not interested in converting himself... and already have 3 children. Whom we have both decided to raise in a more or less secular manner as we have seen firsthand what pushing religion on a child can do for us (it's not good... none of us are practising the faith we were raised with, so to speak)...

So really, my conversion to Islam is plainly my choice.
But already I am seeing so many online Muslims saying how it is wrong for a Muslim woman to be married to a non-Muslim, and how it's wrong not to wear a hijab (well I'm not ruling it out but it is such a huge shift for me... also I don't mind wearing it to pray but I prefer to be like the secular Muslim female friends I know who don't wear hijab in daily life most of the time but except when they go to mosque or ocassionally)...

What puzzles me is that the many Islam female converts I've met throughout my life have been full-time hijabis. It doesn't matter what race they are - white, asian, chinese, etc. And I am concerned that maybe a convert is expected to be more religious than say, a non-hijabi wearer who is a born Muslim?

Hmm... I don't know. Sorry I digress :)

Sarah Ager said...

Really thought-provoking post. It's hard to write about things when you're still in the process of soul searching and so it was nice to hear your thoughts in such a sincere way. Inshallah (god willing) you find a way to express your faith that works for you and you feel at peace with. All the best, Sarita


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