Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy and Blessed EID to all - We Bought a Goat

Happy EID to everyone. May the mercy and blessings of God be on you.

Seems we bought a goat in Egypt for EID. Poor thing wil be sacrificed tomorrow but I feel good knowing that 2/3 of it will be going to poor people who cannot afford to eat meat regularly. I hope they have a really nice, meaty meal on this special day. :)

It's my first time owning such a big animal. Kind of cool. I went to bring my mother in law's goat to the butcher on Eid of 6 years ago while I was in Egypt and it's a good thing I didn't meet him earlier because it was not especially fun to see him getting killed, blood flowing in the streets. It was not as bad as the person who made his cow get hauled up the stairs to the 3rd floor so it could be sacrificed in front of her condo... We couldn't walk down the stairs for a little while (unless we didn't mind blood on our shoes).

Anywho, I love all of you guys, Muslim and not, practicing or not. Be good, have good intentions in all that you do. Try to have love for others, mercy on others and try to keep away from negativity. My advice to me that I pass on to you!

Happy Eid!

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ajjig manyila said...

Assalamu alaikum.
Eid mubarak.
Very positive post..hhamdlillah.

Mona Z said...

Happy Eid, Candice :) I too dislike the whole bloody thing, not that I don't eat meat. I'd just prefer not to be there for the slaughter. I don't like lamb anyway and we don't do the whole Eid meat thing. We just do a donation through the bank that takes care of it and go out to dinner. I had the best sushi for Eid dinner last night!

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