Thursday, September 13, 2012

Parenting: The Routine (featuring hyperactivity)

Some adjectives I use to describe my daughter Nora include: spirited, crazy, stubborn, difficult, energetic, clownish, funny, affectionate, sweet, caring, demanding... And lots more... She has a lot of good qualities and she is also hyperactive. She hasn't been diagnosed really and I don't see the need since I'm able to manage her, but I can see that she is.

When she goes through changes, she can become out of control. Not just in the sense that I have trouble controlling her or making her listen to me, she really becomes a person unlike her own self. She really becomes so unlike her normally stubborn, energetic self and seems to not be able to control what she does and says. That's being hyperactive. 

Boy did we have a few tough weeks just recently. I could not have imagined it if I tried. 

We were preparing her for her entry to KG and so was her daycare. She knew it was coming and that's when it *started* to spiral out of control. She then had her last day at daycare and started her progressive entry into KG with 2 hours of school either in the morning or afternoon. My poor Nora didn't know where she was going and when. She had one morning, then one afternoon, then a 4 day weekend, then another afternoon and another morning. I'd never been through such a tough time as a parent as that week and a half. OMG. 

Then school started FOR REAL (about time) and I made a routine for us to stick to, to support and anchor her. It has made a world of difference. I have my daughter back. I have my sanity back. 

Here is the routine. 

630: get up, take medication, wake up on couch with cartoons
700: start eating breakfast, take other medication
715: finish up breakfast, put on uniform, brush teeth
725: take bus

255: get home from school, free play, maybe going out, maybe errands. not as structured since she'll soon be at daycare during this time when I start work
between 500&600: start eating, medication, no more TV for the day, could be music, drawing, etc.
between 630&645: bath, PJs, story
715: bedtime, goodnight.

This routine allows Nora not only security in her routine, but also to be well-rested which is another hugely important factor for any child but even more so with a hyper one. I'd put routine as the top most important thing, a lot of sleep as the second and healthy nutritious foods (less sugar) as the third most important thing to help keep a hyper kid under control. 

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Mimisha said...

The way you describe your daughter eminds me a lot of my 2 year old son. hes so sweet and caring but when hes having a tantrum hes just not himself. hes extremly active and doesnt handle changes very well.
I dont think ill go to a doctor to get to know if hes hyperactive or not since we can handle it and i dont want him to take medicine for something we can handle in a good way.

it was interesting to read your posta and helping to know other people struggle like this too. inshallah it will get easier with Nora now :)

LK said...

I personally had ADD as a child but similar practices will work for hyperactivity too. A solid schedule is a must. And when she gets older notes and lists will be super helpful. I'm glad she's feeling more like her self now that things have settled down.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Layla thrives with a strict routine too. We've found that letting her stay up past her bedtime at all (8pm) is a recipe for disaster at school the next day. She gets up around 7 and has around 45min to get ready for school in the morning. It also really helps me to have her lunch packed and clothes picked out the night before.

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