Thursday, September 20, 2012

Parenting: I love UNIFORMS!

They are so convenient. Just pick a top and bottom, add a sweater and leggings if needed and out the door she goes, bye babe!

The main great feature of uniforms for me right now is how easy it makes things in the morning (the convenience), but I'm also loving how it takes importance off of how my daughter dresses. She is actually quite picky normally on what she wears and likes dresses and skirts all the time, pink and purple, sparkles, etc. She's a very girly girl and likes looking "like a princess" and being beautiful. I didn't find it a priority to get her off the princess and beautiful idea even if I don't love it, but I'm glad that this is effortlessly doing the job. She doesn't mind it and she's getting used to looking ordinary instead of "like a princess".

The more ordinary she looks, the more importance can be put on what she actually DOES.

Teasing has not at all come into play at 5 years old but I have hopes that it will help. The school says that it fosters a sense of pride in their school and that's probably more apparant for the older kids (at teasing ages) and I imagine it brings the teasing for poorer kids down.

I'm really happy that she goes to a school with this amount of structure and focus. It seems a good balance.

Who else loves uniforms? Who dislikes them? What are your thoughts?

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muslimathome said...

I loved wearing uniforms when I was in school, especially as I got older and the differences in my clothes and those that were better off than me became apparent.I don't think anyone ever knew my family's economic struggles. But I did get picked on for other things. LOL. That's just the way things go.

monamour said...

I really do wish we had to wear uniform in school. It would make things a lot easier.

Banana Anne said...

I never had to wear uniforms when I was in school, but I really like the way they look; a simple polo shirt and a pair of khakis or a jumper or skirt just looks really smart and put-together.

ajjig manyila said...

Masha Allah for your loving daughter.

I am in Dubai working..Dubai is one of the most ultra modern cosmopolitan cities in the world. You can get any fashionable items very next day after its introduction. Local people live here lavishly with lots of money to spend.

Whenever I go to any gover nment offices for official works including airport, I can see Local women employees wearing abaya (black long dress--> uniform) and men on kandoora (white long dress--> uniform).
I feel proud of these Muslim men and women when they are serving people with traditional dresses (Islamic universal uniform) .

They wear same dress wherever they go..Either to shopping molls, marriage functions, official gatherings,beaches or parks etc..

Off course this is Islamic tradition..As we all know that, children in school feel no discrimination while wearing same dresses to all…, so the uniform.

Candice said...

muslimathome: True, it can't fix all the problems and there's always *something* a kid can use to tease someone...

Anne: It does look very put together. At my daughter's school though they are a bit more open. It has to be a burgundy top and navy bottom but they accept t-shirts as well as polos and for the bottoms, they accept dark jeans. Basically, they just want to make it easy for all families to afford the uniform. With the dark jeans OK rule, I was able to get away with buying Nora just one or two bottoms since she had a few dark jeans and a dark jean skirt.

Mona Z said...

I never had a uniform but my kids do and I'm so glad. I can not imagine having to deal with outfits everyday and the headache that would cause.

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