Friday, August 17, 2012

Keeping myself in check

For the past few months, I've become more interested in beauty (as in, physical beauty.. skin care, makeup, fashion). I don't believe there's anything wrong with beautifying ourselves and having beauty as a hobby. It's something fun and it increases self-esteem to feel good about the way you appear. No wrong there.

However, I do want to make sure that I'm not feeling the need to apply makeup every time I go out while not caring about it when I'm in the home. This would indicate that I want people outside the home to look at me and find me beautiful and that it's not just about my own sense of beauty. And of course, it's not exactly compatible with Islam to want to look good for strangers outside the home.

I believe in looking professional and presentable outside the home and not needing to look that way inside the home but when the actual "attractive" factor becomes more important for strangers than for yourself or your husband, as a Muslim woman, you are going in the wrong direction. And this is a message to myself in the second person first and foremost. lol

I've started applying makeup every once in a while and I feel good and beautiful. I am being careful that I don't feel a greater need to apply it when I'm going out shopping or in public versus when I'm going to my girl friend's or even just when I'm staying home because that will be my indication that my reasons are becoming wrong and my intentions not pure and this will be the time when I lay off and do something different.

4 Comentários: said...

I agree, there's nothing wrong with beautifying ourselves. I wish I knew more about makeup and skin/hair care but I don't and I'm far too lazy to actually try to gain more knowledge :P

LK said...

There is actually a Canadian company called Lush that you would probably like. I love everything they make. They have cosmetics, skin care, and hair care. I highly recommend Bare Angels face scrub. Sooooo nice. The success of makeup is a good canvas after all.

Candice said...

YES! I've been wanting to buy something from Lush for a while. I'm actually waiting until the next time I go to Montreal since there's a store there and I don't want to buy blindly especially in products that are so scent-oriented and I don't want to pay shipping either. I saw the Lush boutique last time I went but it had just closed.

You're so right, success of makeup is a good canvas! :) Never heard it said that way but definitely makes sense. I love skincare.

LK said...

Yeah you definitely need to go smell everything. Highly recommend Angels on Bare Skin, Buffy Bar, Honey I Cleaned Up The Kids, and Dirty body wash. All awesome but they have so much more to try!

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