Friday, July 13, 2012

Belief in God vs Non-Belief in God

As a former atheist, I don't see a big difference between people who believe in God and people who believe there is no God. As far as I'm concerned, they both have good reasons to believe in what they do and neither can be proven right or wrong. People from both groups can behave in very similar ways and believe in very similar ways! When the belief is mild and not very thought out, an atheist and a theist believe in practically the same things and usually get along well together. When the belief is solid and very thought out, the same thing happens to both groups in that they both feel superior to the others and have no respect for what the others believe. There are crazies in both groups who make close to no sense except in their own minds and the minds of others like them who just look idiotic to the regular onlooker. Blind and deluded is what they are in both groups.

So really, in the same way that I wish Muslims could unite (Shias, Sunnis, Sufis, etc) and put aside differences to focus on the similarities. In the same way that I wish we could find unity with Christians and Jews. In the same way that I wish we could find unity with Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Bahais, those following native American traditions, etc, I wish we could find unity with atheists.

I separate myself from religious extremists (hate the term, but I feel the need to use it) and I separate myself from atheist extremists. I don't want to have too much to do with people who are not able to have a bit of understanding and respect for others but it has nothing to do with the actual religion or belief. I love atheists! So many of them believe in the same things I do. Generosity, hospitality, kindness, compassion, love. Are against greed, corruption, hatred, inequality. Anyone who believes in those things has my respect.

Is anyone with me?

Respect based on values we believe in and actions, not on labels we put on each other?

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SS said...

I am with you. said...

Oh I'm defintively with you!

Susanne said...


muslimathome said...

There are crazies in EVERY group! It doesn't matter whether they're Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Atheist, Hindu, or Buddhist.

I think there should be understanding and respect between all religions. We could learn a lot from each other. There is an interesting verse in the Quran that says if Allah wanted the disbelievers to be believers, he would have allowed it. He doesn't need any help from us. We are not responsible for what they do and we are not here to force them. I think some Muslims should really read this verse. I hear a lot of Muslims criticizing non-Muslims and other religions and not really realizing Allah's plan.

We are NOT here to criticize or even to convert people. We are hear to learn from each other. Every culture and religion has it's merits. That is why there is diversity in the world. Allah could have made every one Muslim but he didn't.

Candice said...

Thanks for your support and for reading everyone :)

muslimathome: Good comment and I agree! What inspired this post was actually a blog I saw by a bit of an extremist atheist and it slapped me in the face how similar both groups are! Usually atheists are seen as more reasonable and open while religious groups are seen as extreme and closed-minded but no! It's in all groups! Not much difference at all!

Jasmine Ali said...

Replied back to your comment :)

Hebah said...

There is absoulute truth that there is a God. There is no truth, that there isn't a God.

so I obviously disagree with your post.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Candice,

From only seeing the outside, every box is the same and contains the same possibilities within our imaginations. We can project our thoughts onto what that box can hold. However, the actual contents differ and only from really seeing inside can we find out the truth.

My Islam is about differentiating what is real and perceived. There are differences between believers and non-believers and while we can respect others we need not accept their differences as being meaningless and arbitrary. The more that I define what is healthy for me and my life the better my life becomes.

Islam does not advocate assosciating with non-believers to the point that you embrace them as close friends. Think if you would have them at your bedside as you died. That person next to you would need to remind you to say, "La illaha il Allah wa Muhammadar Rasulluha". An antheist would not; a practising Muslim would. So, therefore, if you would want a Muslim with you to get you through this life to the next, why not keep that Muslim with you in the life you have now?

Frankly, I don't appreciate the way you are playing with your Islam. If you aren't careful with the boundaries of who you are as a Muslim you will actually cease to be a Muslim. It's your choice. However, you are blogging to a group of people who apparently like to be part of a group. There's a group mentality over here. "Is anyone with me?" You want to know and then they chime in.

That's dangerous because what you are blogging about isn't Islam. What you are blogging about is your personal feelings related to Islam. It's not OK to be on the 'net purporting to be Muslim and stray so far (and not just in this post but in others like losing your modesty). Rethink who you are---both in your personal and in your web life.

Astragferallah. May Allah forgive. You are wanting something better and did so much to make your life better. This Ramadan my sincere advice is to search for better from where you are now.

May Allah guide you.

Candice said...

Yosra: You might believe that what I'm doing with this blog is no OK, but that's just your opinion and you simply cannot state it as fact.

My opinion is that what I'm doing on this blog is perfectly OK. I am blogging about my personal thoughts and feelings about Islam and other topics and I'm completely honest and open in everything I say.

Candice said...

And it's strange that you say there's a group mentality when I always get people who disagree with me on my blog posts. Comments that I get come from all sorts of religions too and the Muslim comments are quite divided between "I agree" and "I disagree" - maybe half and half. You haven't been attentive enough if you think that we're a group of people, all like-minded, here to support each other in our deviant beliefs.

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