Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Things We Tell Ourselves

I see Muslims going through difficult struggles telling themselves sometimes that God tests them for their own good and to help them grow in faith, etc. Almost like it's a blessing.

And that non-Muslims who are going through a perfectly easy life are getting benefits in this life before the Hell they will endure in the afterlife.

What about Muslims who are not dealing with huge struggles? Or non-Muslims suffering?

I believe in ultimate and complete justice for everyone so I do believe that difficulties people have dealt with and ease that people have lived in will count towards something. I definitely feel like this life is not fair if taken alone and because of my deep belief in ultimate justice, I can't *not* believe in some sort of afterlife where everyone gets what they deserve. But it sort of bugs me when I hear Muslims saying that non-Muslims are happy and not going through difficulties because God has allowed them this mercy before they go to Hell.

What do you think?

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LK said...

Its all kind of incomprehensible really. Things happen and I don't think they are part of some ultimate plan. What is important is what you do with what happens to you.

I had a pretty big thing happen to me as a child. I do not think God said "lets have this 10 year old have major surgery so she can be closer to me". It doesn't make sense. Things happen because of the randomness of life. God is there to help us through these things, but I don't think He necessarily causes them to happen for a purpose.

Saying "it happened for a reason" usually makes it easier for people to deal with tragedy. If it gives someone the strength to move forward then I see no harm. But its a little ridiculous to assume that good fortune is a punishment for someone just because they are not Muslim.

.::Tuttie::. said...

When I went through grief counseling for my post partum depression one of the things my counselor kept emphasizing that I needed to STOP comparing my pain and suffering to everyone else. My pain was valid and just because someone had it worst or better didn't make mine any less painful and to STOP IT.

Since I'm not responsible for the ultimate justice handout I don't think about it. I'm responsible for myself, how I act with others and how I respond to the situations I'm in.

Other than that I'll stress myself over things that don't even concern me.

amatullah76 said...

Allah is just and the Quran tells us that the Christians and Jews and Sabians who do right will have their reward and repeatedly reminds all of us, Muslim and otherwise, that we'll be compensated for what we do. Muslims who say the sorts of things you talk about are just being smug and arrogant, and we all know what our Creator thinks of the arrogant, right?

Susanne said...

good thoughts as always!

Brocha said...

I agree with you. I would have a hard time believing that my father who is a Christian, who has spent his entire life living for God is going to Hell. He has suffered and gone through a lot in his life and if it wasn't for him raising me, I would not have learned about God.

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