Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Parenting: I need a break

I'm suffering from an "ecoeurantite aigue" which means something like "sick-and-tired syndrome". I'm having a lot of trouble tolerating my daughter these days and it doesn't make me feel good (obviously).

She's quite a "spirited" child which means that she's intense in everything she feels and does. She's intense in expressing her joys, her love, her excitement, she's intense in the energy she has in any situation. She's also intense in her frustrations and in her reactions to everything. Combining her with the baby who is with me literally 24/7, I'm a little tired.

It's too bad for Nora because really, Adam is the one making me need time off since he's the one with me all the time while she goes to daycare for a few hours each week day, but because she's the one with the intense attitudes, she's the one who bugs me. She's mostly just the final drops that make the glass overflow, not most of what is contained in the glass, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I need to calm down and find a way to start over and get my patience and energy back because I'm just doing the zombie lately. The angry zombie.

My parenting strategy for this situation will be to try and make some sort of drastic (short-term) change in my routine to feel like I've started over. I may have to ditch blogging and Facebook for a day or two and force myself to take a nap during the day. As well, seeing a friend and hanging out would be nice for everyone and would probably spark me into better parenting. :)

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LK said...

Can your parents take them for a day so you can have a day to yourself? You sound like you need some shopping therapy or a spa!

Candice said...

Well they take Nora regularly, like when I have to be at the store one Saturday out of two and she attends daycare anyway. Adam is the issue though and has never been babysat except for my Christmas party in December... I would need to try but so far my parents haven't flat-out offered and I wouldn't want to push this on them! I have a friend who would be willing but honestly if I have nothing to really do, I'd rather just hang out with her and Adam than do

Rebekka @ Becky's Kaleidoscope said...

In the post you said you needed a break - or time off, because Adam is with your 24/7, but then in the comment you said you don't have anything to do?

It doesn't sound to me like you need something else to do - you just need a break.

I second LK, get your parents, your friend, or your husband to take Adam - even if it's just for an hour or two. Maybe you could go to a coffee shop and sit down, read or just relax, or go to a spa and have a facial or a manicure.

Candice said...

Yeah, that would really help... At least I've gotten over the feeling I had last week and I feel better. It has happened I think 3x since the birth that I had a day or two feeling really weighed down and tired but I'm seriously blessed to feel pretty darn good most days. Not every mom can say that!

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