Friday, June 22, 2012

God's Mercy: Multiply Intensity with Continuity

I swear, hours and hours of contemplating this phrase and learning what I can about it and I still learn more.

I was watching a small course and the way he explained "ar-rahman ir-rahim" was like this:

  • ar-rahman describes the intensity of Allah's mercy 
  • ir-rahim describes the continuity of Allah's mercy

Allah is not only extremely merciful, this mercy is as well endless.

One possible translation:
In the name of Allah, the most intensely merciful, whose mercy is without end.

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Rebekka @ Becky's Kaleidoscope said...

How do you justify square Allah's supposed 'endless mercy' with dooming people to an eternity in hell?

Candice said...

For me it makes sense, though I understand the concept through a lot of unknowns. First, I don't see Heaven and Hell as the two only opposite places where people end up. I see Heaven as a state of closeness to God, of pure satisfaction. I imagine Heaven and Hell as a continuum, not two single places/states so I believe that people will have their ultimate and perfect justice somewhere on this continuum. It's completely unknown to me who will be closer to Hell and who will be closer to Heaven and which deeds count for more and which ones count for less and how to "calculate" all this so I don't bother myself with that. I have this trust and belief in justice and I don't have any fear that people who aren't "Muslim" will be put in Hell and that their good deeds won't "count".

I had trouble with God's attributes for a while, because God is merciful, just, generous, etc. etc. but he was also the swift in punishment and other not-so-positive attributes. But I have begun to understand and accept that He could not be one without being the other. If there was only mercy, there would be no mercy. If God didn't somehow punish, then He could not give. For me, the belief that horrible people (think child molesting murderers) will get their just punishment feels like a mercy for mankind (or at the very least a mercy for that child, the parents, etc.)

Rebekka @ Becky's Kaleidoscope said...

Hey, sorry about the late reply, sometimes comments get lost in my inbox (i.e., I see them, don't have time to reply, and forget about them, sorry).

I can see how it makes much more sense when you don't necessarily believe in hell (or see the two as a continuum like you describe), rather than the either/or which (sorry), most Christians and Muslims do believe (I always wondered how so many people felt comfortable deciding who is or isn't going to hell - even though in both Christianity and Islam that judgement is left for God alone).

Candice said...

Most people I know here consider themselves Catholic (Christian) but I've mentioned how it's more of a cultural identity and how people are not very religious, lots of them being atheists. Some do openly believe in God, but they also openly don't believe in Hell... I never understood the reasoning, but I think that still had an influence on me not being able to believe in it so much.

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