Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Feeling a bit Hopeless

I'm realizing how bad people are. I might even use the word evil (or at least evil tendencies). All these bad intentions to deceive... the pure greed! It just disgusts me and I'm noticing it more and more. I've written before about how naive I was, always trusting and seeing the best in people. I don't want to lose that, but I'm finding myself seeing the negative more often and more easily and I'm finding my faith in people being a bit torn apart. In certain situations I now assume that the person has bad intentions.

I don't want to make this about my husband because he is not a bad person but he has contributed to my new "assume they're deceptive" way. For example, yesterday there was a big wait at the resto we were ordering from so I told him to just cancel the order and that we'd find somewhere else to eat. He then told me that they could have it ready in  30 minutes so we went with that. I didn't believe him. It was actually 40 minutes and he lied that small amount to manipulate me into saying that we'd keep the order with this resto. For every tiny thing like this, I now always assume he's manipulating the truth (lying, basically). So almost every day, I assume my own husband is lying to me - and I'm usually right. Sometimes he isn't flat-out lying, he's just making promises without making any real intention to keep true to it, but that's just one small step away from a flat-out lie.

The people who are making me really angry though are the greedy. Greedy has got to be the worst thing a person can be. Recently I think of Facebook. They were making full of cash with the ads that are all over the place but they are trying to make more (and more and more). They are trying to cash in on mobile users since there are no ads for those using the app. They are trying to make pages pay to get their statuses to their followers! I just feel disgusted at the amount of greed here... Can't a company be doing well and just leave it that way? Why the need to maximize and bring it to another level (of greed) always?

What about appliances and cars that have such a shorter life expectancy than they used to? I'm convinced that they could be built to last us a lot longer but out of greed they have been built to break so that consumers need to buy buy buy to replace these things more often. And companies with their out-to-screw-you guarantees! Here in Quebec, the law itself guarantees reasonable use for price on everything. If you buy a TV with no guarantee with the company and it breaks after 3 years, they have to give you another equivalent one because it should be lasting a lot longer than that - even without a guarantee with the company. BUT the companies don't inform us of this and try to sell us what the law already covers! Or else they inform you but tell you that you'll need to go to court so you might as well buy the extra guarantee. Basically this way they're telling you that they will not respect the law and they will force you to sue them to get the guarantee applied, so you should give them extra money to make sure they actually apply the guarantee. CROOKS!

What about companies filing for bankruptcy only to open again under another name?! I know a club in my city does this every couple years because they get caught with minors time and time again. They knowingly let minors enter and consume alcohol so they can have more profit and then they close and re-open to do the same thing again.

UGH is all I have to say.

It does make me understand religion better. When I believed mostly everyone was good I didn't "get" religion much. Why was it necessary? I also felt a lot more negatively towards the idea that some people would be punished but now I'm starting to understand things differently. I guess it's a comfort to believe that there will ultimately be justice and that every decision we make that helps us stay away from bad things can never be wrong.

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Susanne said...

Thanks for sharing this! I hate all the greed, too. And sorry about your husband lying to you even in small things. :(

Rebekka @ Becky's Kaleidoscope said...

It might just be the men around me, but this seems to be a general problem my friends and I have.

Many of the guys we've dated have lied, not maliciously, but it's like they think that things will just magically sort themselves out, and so they'll say everything's fine - even when things are far from it. Such as if you've lend them money and they've promised them back by a certain day, you ask if they'll still be okay to give it back to you by then and they say yes no problem, the day comes and they can't pay.

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