Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blogs I follow

I love finding new, interesting blogs to follow and I often find them when others link to them or through their blog roll. I don't have a blog roll so I wanted to make a post with a few blogs I follow in case anyone is interested in checking them out, I follow MANY more than this but I've chosen just a few that I saw in my Google Reader that I enjoy. I will hopefully link to others in the future because many more deserve to be linked to than what I'm going to do.

A Muslim Housewife - a blog about motherhood and being a homemaker including recipes. she is now in Palestine visiting her husband's family

Mama Mona - mother living in Egypt, blogs about her life with the kids in Hurghada as well as fashion

Fashion for Giants - A fashion blog, not a Muslim one but I just LOVE her style and she's funny as well! 

Single Dad Laughing (aka SDL) - His blog is his job so it's a bit different than the other ones on here, but he is consistently posting really good stuff, inspirational, funny, etc.

Struggles of an American Muslimah (Abroad) - Convert and second wife recently moved to a village in Egypt to live with her husband. She just gave birth this week to her 3rd child, OMG to the birth story. Such a strong, courageous woman. ((congrats to her))

3 Comentários:

Andahlucya. said...

Can you give me the link to the funny fashion gal please?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I always check other people's blogroll to see what they're reading. I've come across some great blogs that way.

Candice said...

Andahlucya: Just click on the blog name and description! It's:

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