Saturday, June 9, 2012

30 Things Day 12 - A Typical Day

12. Describe a typical day in your current life.

Not too interesting... Bit of me time in the morning since the baby is relaxed when he wakes up and Nora continues to sleep. When she wakes up she has a pill to take 30 minutes before eating and I normally use these minutes to take a shower while she watches Adam since he's not very difficult in the morning. 

I sometimes do grocery shopping after bringing Nora to daycare... On weekdays I like to watch an opinion show at 10am and I like to have lunch while watching Sarah Richardson sometime between 11am and noon. 

Any day that it's nice out, we go out to walk if I'm only with the baby or we go out for a walk to the park to play if I'm with Nora. Could be a picnic or something like that. 

I go to my parents' about half the days, sometimes in the morning only with the baby, sometimes after I get Nora to daycare. Sometimes I have supper there and stay until 7-8pm or sometimes I leave before the meal... It kind of depends more on my husband's schedule. When the store closes and whether or not he has to leave for work at 6pm (since he works nights). 

If my husband is there in the evening, we eat together around 7pm because he's always at least 1h late and watch The Nanny. It's no use trying to bring a "family supper" habit with him around because if he's not watching TV while he eats, he's reading stuff on his phone (this applies to the restaurant too) or reading Mickey kids magazines from Egypt. And that won't change - I've tried. He can't even control himself while at the table at my parents' house.

I then prepare Nora for bed with a bath or shower and a story (I'm trying to be more consistent with the daily story because it gets left out a lot) and I put Adam to sleep as well. Sometimes it means a bit of time for myself, sometimes time with the husband, sometimes I'm just too tired and I go to bed. 

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