Monday, May 28, 2012

A Trip to Egypt this Summer??

I was planning on going to Egypt while I was pregnant and felt like my plans died with the start of my husband's company because of our financial situation mostly, and my husband not having any flexibility...

But now my husband is very serious about wanting to find a way to go to Egypt as a family this summer. He wants to have someone else at the store full time (who he has already found) while he does the work through the internet from there to help out the guy who is OK with computers by not a technician really. And for his other full time job, he wants to take his 2 weeks vacation and combine that with 2 weeks extra unpaid. He says they're gearing up for some layoffs so he can volunteer to be affected for those 2 extra weeks even if he has enough seniority to stay on.

Next thing... We're in Canada so that's a long and expensive plane ride. I dread the travelling to the point of not even wanting to go actually... But I also love Egypt and dream of being there... So I'm torn on just that point. Add in the financial aspect and I feel like we need to stay here. We don't have that money and it will take a while to get rid of that debt if we decide to go.

BUT I really do have to take into consideration the most important thing and that's Ahmed's parents. They have seen Nora twice but they haven't met Adam yet and it makes me sad that they haven't been able to be a part of our lives like my own parents have. They are alive and well at the moment, but they are not as healthy as my parents and they are older too so I can't really say, "we'll visit them when we're financially stable" because then we might not even do it. It seems like this sacrifice of putting ourselves in debt is something we need to do. I stil don't know if this summer is the time to do it, but next year, I have 3 weeks off total as vacation while right now, I can stay as long as I want since I'm not working. It makes the trip more worth it that I would be staying a minimum of 4 weeks and possibly staying beyond my husband's trip if I want to.

I'm nervous just thinking about being in Egypt though, really. My stomach is all in knots as I type.

Oh, next thing now... The flight. Ones from Montreal are just way beyond our budget. Even the budget we have for putting ourselves in debt. I found no cheaper than 6000$! But from NYC, it's about 4000$ for the family. That's close to an 8h drive though. BUT, it's a direct flight while anything from Montreal has a layover costing us at least that 8h. If we chose to do the NYC thing, we'd stay for a night or two and visit around a little  since it's my husband's dream to visit this city and it would give us a fresh start for the long flight. Part of me is more scared of this than leaving Montreal and having a layover in an airport and part of me feels like this would be closer to relaxing since we'd be doing it in two separate travels... Oh, I don't know! I just want to be in Europe so make the decision easy. I'd have a cheaper, shorter, more direct flight to Egypt and we'd just go every year! lol

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Amalia said...

ooooh come to Egypt so we can meet up :D

Seriously though the long plane ride would put me off and the money thing too. It sounds like you really want to come so I hope that you are able to. Maybe you can come during Ramadan, that would be such a great experience. Have you been in Egypt for Ramadan before?

Candice said...

I hope some of the time would be during Ramadan but maybe not all so we can do some daytime activities without dying out there AND (maybe more importantly) KOSHARY. I have been to Egypt during Ramadan but it was before I converted. Still, it was very nice and as a Muslim it would be amazing to feel the holiday since I have never really felt it yet.

If we go, we will need to find a way to meet up. I'll be in Cairo most of the time so hopefully it works out!

Sarah said...

Would it be possible to have his parents visit you? Even if you had to pay for their flights, I guess that would be cheaper than 4 of you travelling?

Susanne said...

How exciting! I'd love to read about your experiences in Egypt! I understand that it's such a pain to travel and expensive though. Could Ahmed's parents meet you halfway or maybe they aren't well enough to travel or they'd have travel getting visas? (That's the problem Samer's family often has...getting visas to the EU isn't easy for Syrians!)

Sometimes I wish I lived in Europe because it does seem so much closer to other places. :)

Candice said...

Sarah and Susanne: They aren't able to come because of the visa troubles... We're going to apply soon hopefully for his mom to become a permanent resident. Not to move here, but to simply be able to visit us once in a while. It will definitely be less expensive this way.

Rebekka @ Becky's Kaleidoscope said...

Awww I completely understand how ambivalent you must feel. There are really good pros and cons for both sides, so whatever happens I hope things work out for the best :)

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