Sunday, May 27, 2012

Muslim Feminist (continued) but really this is just about feminism

Last paragraph of my other Muslim feminist post, I was saying that I recognize the differences between men and women and that I believe that accommodations with laws and societies need to be made to insure equality between men and women. I just wanted to go into more detail about that with a couple examples.

First, women are different in that they get pregnant and give birth. I don't think that this should affect their job stability at all. Women should have accommodations that let them be safe and well at work while they are pregnant and should have enough time off (paid, even if it's not 100% of their regular salary) to be able to take good care of their baby and themselves before returning to their job and there should be no consequences whatsoever for the time they had off. 

I also believe in equality in that the father or mother should have the same right to take the time off and be at home with the baby or kids and not be judged in any way for that. 

When it comes to jobs, we know that it's easier for men to access certain jobs (normally it's jobs with higher pay or power) and I believe in an affirmative action policy that equals the playing field. I also believe in it for other minorities.

Another thing is "feminine" and "masculine" professions. I made clear that I think that men and women should both feel free to do things against the traditional role, but I don't deny that there are some general differences and that some professions apply more to women and some more to men. And what happens is that the "equal" (equal education necessary, equal risk) masculine jobs pay more than the feminine and that's not right, so I am all for any efforts made to bridge the pay gap between these professions. My mom actually benefited from this a couple years ago (as did the men working in this job) when the government gave a sort of bonus and raise to nurses and nurse aids in the public sector in an effort to make this traditionally feminine profession get closer to its worth in salary.

What is your point of view on methods used to "bridge the gap" between men and women or any other minority?

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