Thursday, May 17, 2012

Little family update + need baby tips

Nora turned 5 years old last week! Happy birthday to my little sweety! We have been having a lot of fun together lately. She got a lot of fun gifts like legos, puzzles and art supplies which we've been playing with a lot. She also got a big girl bike with all the girly accessories and has been going NUTS about it. My dad has been bringing her out to ride every couple days and even he seems to like it which is great because I'm not that into it myself and I'm enjoying staying at my parents house with my mom chatting or taking a walk with the baby while they're out biking. Yes, I see my parents that often. We're really close.

Adam is doing really well and is 6 months and a half now. He is rolling all over the place and is realizing how mobile he can be. He's starting to stretch and push a little with his toes to inch closer to objects just beyond his reach. He's extremely curious and I have trouble holding him because he lunges towards anything he sees to get a closer look.

I'm having trouble introducing foods... he's just not loving his purees at all but it doesn't seem to be out of lack of interest for food because he always seems to want to get to what we're having and my cousin gave him a couple of his son's crispy disolving corn treats and he enjoyed those. He also enjoyed sucking on an apple A LOT. But I don't want him to have these things regularly until he has established a cereal and vegetable routine - at least a little! It's not like I gave him treats before trying veggies either, making him dislike the taste of plain veggies... I think it has to do with my milk... He ate a lot of cereal around 2 months ago when I tried to go on birth control and found myself losing my milk supply. He ate for a week or two after the pill problem and then got sick so I stopped the cereal I'd been giving him since he was throwing up, and since then he has not wanted to have any. He has enough of milk I guess. Any tips to help me feed this baby are appreciated. Also any tips on starting a baby with formula at this age please! I need to be able to have him babysat for a few hours once in a while and simply can't because he has not managed to take a formula bottle.

My husband saw the Avengers and really wants me to go see it with him. And I want to go too... It's just not possibly yet until this baby can have a bottle or eat. Or else there's too much risk that he will need breastmilk during the time it takes to go see a movie and come back and I wouldn't risk having my baby in distress just because I wanted to see a movie.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't start really feeding my daughter food until she was one. I would give her from my food, so she was used to the texture and spices I used. But, she mainly drank milk. I didn't have to deal with purees or cereal. Some people say it's not good to give children grains until after their first birthday anyway. She loved avocados and sucking on broccoli.

As for the milk, will he take breast milk in a bottle. I breast fed for around six months and then started pumping. It was really funny that when I started pumping, my milk supply increased! I was able to go back to school without having to give her formula.

Candice said...

Well, he took the botttle with breastmilk the one time I went out when he was 1 month, but he has grown a lot since then and right now he only chews on the bottles we tried and doesn't seem to know it can be sucked on. I only tried formula and water though. I don't have the pump anymore since it was borrowed and I don't want to invest in that now that he's over 6 months, especially since it will only be for an outing here and there (maybe once a month).

Nora was not a big fan of food either and ate very little until she started being able to take some of the regular family food... Maybe Adam will be like her and your daughter! Other than her arthritis which I'm thinking is not caused by her diet, she's perfectly healthy!

Thanks for the message, I feel better now really.

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