Friday, May 25, 2012

Julep Maven 1 cent intro box RECEIVED!

Here are pictures of the re-do of my Julep Maven unboxing. The cute pink paper bag was NOT all crumpled as it is in the picture. This is post-baby. :)
I found it very nice and professional packaging. The cards are a nice
add on, telling me about the products included in my package and welcoming me to the Julep Maven programme. This was the introduction box for the profile "American Beauty".

Read my review of the box and if you're interested, the instructions to sign up and the promotional code is at the bottom.

I got:

  • Eva nailpolish, described as a "juicy raspberry creme".
  • Renee nailpolish described as "spring lilac creme". 
  • Julep The Best Pedi Creme Ever! for exfoliating and hydrating the feet. 
  • They threw in 2 toe separators. 

The nailpolish bottles are really cute and look nice. They look more fashionable and neat looking than regular bottles BUT 1) They are tiny at only 8 ml (0.27oz) and 2)  are susceptible to toppling over. 
The colours are interesting but these particular ones are not my style. I tried one of them on my toe nails and one coat covers enough to give the true colour of the polish which is very nice. It seems to apply pretty well but I have no experience with it and I totally suck at this stuff.

One thing I am iffy about is that the polishes are advertised on the website as being 4-free (free of 4 chemicals that are normally found in polishes that are toxic) but on the bottle, they are 3-free. It is better than a regular polish, but not as good as what I was expecting in terms of toxicity. 

Foot cream
Now the foot cream. It smells pleasant and my feet feel soft and nice after one light use so I guess it works and I like it! It has no little beads for exfoliation so I'm not sure how it exfoliates... but that's OK, it still feels really nice and I will continue to use it. 

The toe separator is useful since I didn't have one and it was a very nice surprise since it's not actually part of the box I was receiving. As far as I know, they often add in little extras like this. 

Customer service
I spoke to a customer service rep when she called me to confirm my address because it seems they didn't have my street name. She was extremely nice and professional so the experience was good.

Shipping to Canada
WOW is all I have to say! I made my order on Friday May 18th and was contacted about my address the very next business day, May 21. It was shipped May 22 and I got it today, May 24. It took 5 business days from the order to reception (Monday was a holiday here so for me it felt like 4 business days) and only took 2 business days from shipping to reception. It really boggles my mind how it arrived so fast for free shipping from the US!

I'm super pleased with my experience with Julep Maven so far. For 1 cent, this is more than worth it. For the regular 20$, I would need to have colours that I actually want in the package and with their feature of showing us what is in our intended box the 20th of the month before it's sent out, I can easily know whether or not I want it. I can also change to another profile if their box interests me, send it to a friend or flat out skip the month. I can also easily cancel at any time. Since it's so easy to skip a box (which I did for May since I wanted to see what this box was all about first), I will stay on the programme for another while in hopes of having a box suggested to me that I really love. 

If you are interested in trying it for yourself, the 1 cent promotion is still going on with the promotional code PENNY or COLOR2012 at checkout. Follow these steps: 

1) Go to 
Note that this is my referral link and that signing up with it will get me halfway to a free box, thank you for using it if you're planning on signing up. ;)

2) Take a quick style quiz to determine your profile.

3) Add the product to your basket.

4) Checkout. 

They require a credit card and I can confirm that they only charged me the 1 cent as agreed. For the next month's box, they will email you with a preview of its contents on the 20th. If you wish to skip the box or cancel, you do so through your profile on the website between the 20th and 24th. If you like the products and don't respond, they charge you on the 27th and ship it for reception at the beginning of the month. 

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