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Eminence Sun Defense Minerals review

I feel like making some reviews of products because I have very sensitive skin, prone to redness, dry on the chin and cheeks, oily in the forehead... So not just any product will do and I've been trying different things to find mild, natural products.

Go to their website to learn more if you wish.

The company
A Hungarian company which makes 100% natural and organic skincare products


They make all sorts of products... A very wide range of skin care products for any skin type oily, dry, normal, also for conditions like acne or rosacea) from cleansers to tonics to moisturizers to masques to serums to eye and lip care to body lotions to sun defense products (like the one I will review). As far as I know their products are used in spas a lot - you can't find it in pharmacies.

Price range
I guess we can just put it in the expensive high end range. My mineral powder brush costs 58$ online most places I saw (like amazon and 2 other skin care product websites) though my cousin sells it for less than that in her salon and I got 20% off as family rebate. The 60ml moisturizing creams are around 60$ I think and 60ml exfoliating gel I tried as a sample around 45$ I think.

Review of the SPF 30 Sun Defense Minerals
Basically the powder is inside this thing you see and after initial set up by pumping the back, we should not have to do anything to it except a few taps on the wrist to distribute the product in the brush. So it's very easy to use, all we have to do is apply it in small circles all over the face. For more coverage, we can apply it longer. 

The product comes in 6 shades from translucent 0 to cinnamon bronzer 5. 0 is for any skin and won't really show, 1 is for lighter skin in cool undertones, 2 for lighter skin in warm undertones, 3 for medium skin in cool undertones, 4 for medium skin in warm tones and I'm guessing by the name that 5 is mostly a bronzer. 

I tried both 1 and 3, both of which would have actually worked on me and ended up taking 3 since it gave a bit more colour and life. And my skin is pretty light. 

I really enjoy the product's easy application and I like the smell which also confirms that the product is coming out because we don't see it really when applying in an artificially lit bathroom. It's extremely light and we can honestly not feel it on the skin. It's hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory which for me is a big plus with my sensitive, red skin. I have to say, this product is just fusing with my skin to feel better than a freshly clean face and you don't get that with most powders. 

The SPF now. I went outside yesterday in the sun for quite a while. I got a pretty good sunburn on both my arms and my neck, but none on my face. So yes, it works! I will prefer to use sunscreen under my powder when I go out for longer periods of time, but that's just an added precaution I want to take. It's important to be protected from the sun even for small 10 minute exposures here and there which add up and this is perfect for that, or for someone who wears a large-brimmed hat for example. I can't say it's not just fine for longer more intense sun exposure because it was just fine when I used it yesterday, but I somehow feel the need for more anyway - maybe because it doesn't feel all sticky and yucky like sunscreen. lol

The coverage is light. It doesn't cover up everything like the reddest parts of the face and dark under eyes but I have a feeling that with continual use, it will help my face be less red to begin with and therefore need less coverage. Either way, I don't normally wear make-up so I'm super happy just brushing some of this on and I feel more beautiful and glowing than I ever do without any make-up. 

The amount of powder that comes with the brush is not huge, BUT, with this type of application, from knowing people who have had their's for a few months (other cousins, aunts and my mom), it's bound to last about 6 months even with daily use from what they told me after having it a couple months. 


I'm so far very pleased with the product. From trying 4 other products which I got samples of and reading about this company, I can say that I believe in what they're doing. I have nothing to "disclose" about my review. I'm just doing it for fun and because I liked the product! 

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