Saturday, May 19, 2012

Decided on a Beauty Box and Ordered

The beauty box I decided to get is Julep. It's nail stuff (different colours of nailpolish and they have accessories and creams) and it's normally 19.99$ but with a code, it was 0.01$ (one cent) so obviously worth it, no matter what is in the box. Shipping is free. I will just need to cancel next month if I don't find it worth 20$ to continue. Honestly, I'm not a huge nail person so I'll likely cancel it right away, or after one additional box MAX because 2 nail polishes will last forever with us and I think that's the standard in every box.

I will give a review once a get it, why not add a beauty aspect to this blog?

If anyone is interested in ordering, they gave me a referral link where if 2 people use it to subscribe, it gives me a free month. I think I need to have paid one month fully before I can get a free one though. Use:

if you want to try Julep but I can't say I recommend it or don't since I have not gotten anything. I'll repost my link with my review if I liked the stuff at all. The coupon code I used yesterday is:


Use my link and the coupon code to get a box for 0.01$ and get me halfway to a free box if you feel like it.

About the other beauty boxes, I read that Glymm is going downhill in what it offers, Glossybox has lots of hair stuff which is not interesting for me and Luxe has a lot of anti-aging stuff which I'm also not interested in and Topbox has a huge waiting list. Note that I'm in Canada so I have info for those available here (though they're not necessarily exclusive to Canada)

UPDATE NOTE 1 day later: If you sign up before the 19th of a month, you are subscribed for the next box, sent out the 27th of the month and the 1 cent box does not count as one of those. Basically, I was being suggested a 20$ box after being signed up for 1 day and still not having received anything (obviously). They let the subscribers know what they plan on sending out so that you can skip a month, send it to a friend or cancel your subscription. I skipped this box because the two polishes were not my style and the hand cream is not something I want either... It was easy to do and a couple hours later they sent me a confirmation email. It still looks as though my 1 cent box is on its way so it really does seem so far to be no trouble at all and no big commitment.

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