Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Avengers

I just saw the movie today and I LOVED it!

I'm a fan of the superhero movies. It's something that brings me and my husband together and that is part of the things we do together ever since I was in Egypt with him so any superhero movie is something nice for us for that reason, but this one... was good for real. lol

It's one thing to have nice fight scenes and attractive characters and the movie certainly has that, but it also actually has a great story. Also, everything is balanced in the movie. Each of the main heroes (Ironman, Captain America, the Hulk and Thor) plays an important role for their own reason, each has his own moments in the movie and the interactions between them are actually meaningful and funny as well. Hawkeye and Black Widow are secondary heroes to me but even they were interesting in the movie, and pretty kick ass! Loki, the villain of the movie (Thor's brother) is also a very interesting character and I really loved the performance of that actor in the role. He really has the evil mastermind look to him.

So anyway, go see if if you're at all interested in this stuff. If you're borderline interested, go see it.

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FarhanJ said...

Avengers is damn good and funny. No wonder it has crossed $1 billion in box office

Amber said...

I so glad you finally got a chance to see it and that you enjoyed it! :D

I took my family to see it for Mothers' Day and they all loved it to, with nary a comic/superhero fan among them.

Loki is my favorite, I have to admit. Tom Hiddleston (the actor) looks like he has so much fun with the character.

Unknown said...

Interesting. Did you notice the obvious references to Islam at the beginning of the movie? When Loki shows up he talks about freedom as if it were something bad, same as many Muslims do. Then he says that he has come to bring peace, a peace that can only be known without freedom. Many times in the West it is said that Islam means "peace." But then Nick Fury says, "I think you mean that other thing." But he doesn't explain what he's talking about. Many times people say that, no, Islam does not mean "peace," it actually means "submission." So the "other thing" that Nick Fury is referring to I think is submission.

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