Wednesday, May 30, 2012

30 Things Day 3: Parents

3. Describe your relationship with your parents.

I am very very close with my parents. I see them multiple times a week and have supper there at least once per week and really, I still feel like their house is my home. Nora has a bunch of her things there like a swingset, bouncey castle, sandbox and her bicycle since we go so often. My dad is the one who takes the vast majority of the bike rides with her and he really does love to spend time with her. He takes her almost each Saturday (every 2 weeks) when I have to be at the store with the kids and runs his errands with her and sometimes brings her to  play at McDonald's to play while he has a coffee or something. My parents actually call me up and ask us to come over if it has been more than a couple days. They both cried when I left to Egypt at 19 years old (before the kids) and they both cried when Nora left for Egypt, both times she went.

My mom has told me how she doesn't know what she'd do if she was in the same situation as her friend whose children and grand-children live away (other side of Canada). She obviously had the idea of me moving to Egypt when she said that. A sort of warning, I guess!

I had a really great childhood because of how much my parents care about me and sacrifice for me (and my brother of course). It was always our needs first and they always managed to get us everything we needed and wanted even if I know there were some difficult times financially when I was young. I never knew about it back then. I always felt secure, not a worry in the world. My parents were and still are the people I look up to the most and I hold their opinions very highly on anything. I tell them everything and ask them advice about everything in my life too. They're my lifeline no matter what I'm going through and they're always there, never disappoint. Nothing but good things to say!

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Susanne said...

That's wonderful! I enjoyed reading about your parents and your great relationship with them!

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