Monday, May 28, 2012

30 Things Day 1: Random Facts

1. List 20 random facts about yourself.

1) I've always wanted to visit Burma since I read an article about it in a super old National Geographic that was lying around at my house when I was a kid.

2) I admire people who are determined and hardworking and just like a lot of people do, I'm trying to transmit what I wish I was to my kids and this is it.

3) When I was a kid, even very young, I wanted to be skinnier and would suck in my stomach. I was actually very tall and thin so it really made no sense for me to feel that way.

4) My husband helped me overcome my desire to be skinny. I went through a period of "light eating disorder" It was not to the point that I was making my body very ill and I did not look up to others who didn't eat at all and wanted their bones protruding, but I was draining myself  mentally to think about nothing else than calories eaten and calories burned and my target weight of 118 lbs... I'm 5'8.5". I was eating normally and letting my body be what it is when I met my husband so I was not in the eating disorder stage of my life, but I was still self-conscious and still had the lingering desire to be skinnier and he was able to help me put things in perspective and make me feel confident about how I looked and how I might look if I gained a few pounds or lost a few pounds.

5) I'm not sentimental about possessions generally.

6) BUT (in relation to 5), I have a teddy bear from when I was 2 years old that I love so much I still keep her close by to this day. I brought her to Egypt when I met my husband. Yesterday, I bandaged her leg. Last month, I made a search online to try to find a place that could make a custom bear that looks exactly like her so I could give it to Nora and have Toutoune to myself (didn't really find one).

7) I hardly ever listen to music anymore and literally don't have the desire to much at all but in all honesty, it makes me sad because it was such a beautiful part of my life when I was discovering great music and growing up to those sounds. It feels like something I can't get back.

8) I'm reading Thirty Shades Darker (second book of the series).

9) When I'm asked if I have any regrets about my life so far, I'm actually honest when I say that I don't.

10) I'm also honest when I say that sometimes I feel weighed down by being a parent. This is mostly when I think of studying and travelling which would be so easy without kids and a husband.

11) I would have preferred it if this was 10 random facts rather than 20!

12) I have trouble finding where I fit in

13) My favourite word is "shard" since I heard it in a song by my favourite artist. The picture he paints in the lyrics is quite memorable to me, "your barefeet dancing crazy in shards of wine glasses". Tarantulove by Hawksley Workman for anyone interested.

14) I don't have much of an interesting pre-Islam past. No drinking, drugs, boyfriends...

15) I can't imagine that I will *not* get a tattoo someday. I WILL get a tattoo someday...

16) I kind of wish I was born into a different culture. I love the asian cultures and I love the native american cultures.

17) I have one sibling, a younger brother. He's a redhead.

18) My last name is Swedish.

19) My identity is mixed between being a French Canadian and an Anglo Quebecker.

20) I have a lot of interests but no real passion and if I could have anything, it would be passion for one thing. I'm a little tired of having a couple weeks of interest in all sorts of things. Something else always takes over before I get anywhere with the thing I'm interested in.

4 Comentários: said...

I'm new to your blog and this was really interesting to read :) now I'm off to read more of your posts!

Susanne said...

I enjoyed learning these things about you. I remember trying to make your name would you say it in French because I assumed Quebecker automatically meant French. ;) Then I remember we were talking about it on Facebook several months back and you mentioned it was another nationality (Swedish, I see.) Would the Swedes pronounce it differently than you do?

I loved reading that "shard" is your favorite word. I have definite words I dislike, but I've never thought of my favorite word. Hmmmm

And, I never realized you used to think you were fat. Whenever I see photos of you, I'm impressed with how thin you are. Wish I were!

Really enjoyed all these facts...sorry you had to come up with twenty for your sake, but I enjoyed them all! :)

Candice said...

Susanne, I just pronounce my name in French as I do in English so when people see it written and pronounce it, it often sounds totally weird and wrong. I don't believe in trying to make it sound French and mostly the sounds are not foreign to French so it's not bad.

My last comes from Swedish but it was actually modified to make it sound more English so really, it can't be pronounced the right way since it's missing a letter.

Rebekka @ Becky's Kaleidoscope said...

Which letter is your name missing?

I didn't realize it was Swedish, but now I know it makes perfect sense :)

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