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Wudu or tayammum?

What are the reasons that allow a person to do tayammum instead of wudu?

The first of these is the absence of sufficient water for the performance of wudû’ or ghusl.

The second is the inability to use the available water on account of sickness or on account of severe cold whereby a person fears that using the water will bring about an illness, aggravate an existing illness, or delay recovery.

The first condition is pretty rare over here... Water is everywhere and easily accessible within a couple minutes max. If I were in the woods hiking and couldn't spot a river and it was a couple hours before I planned on getting back to a water source in the city and had only enough water for my thirst, I imagine that could be a good reason for tayammum. Better that and praying now than waiting and risking missing the prayer, right? If I got back to a water source before the prayer time was over, doing wudu and doing the prayer again could be an option to be on the safe side.

The second condition is the one I'm more interested in right now because I'm in a situation that I feel falls under that category. I've had exzema on my hand for about 3 years and it can become really itchy and burning and cracks my skin and makes my nails look weird but it has been under control for a while. Well, NOT ANYMORE. In fact, I'm developing some on both forearms! I think it's obvious that it's caused by the wudu considering the timing of me starting to pray 3weeks ago and the location (forearms).

Wudu is aggravating my existing exzema and bringing about new exzema on my arms and not allowing my skin to heal itself when it cracks when I'm putting water on it so often. But it's not a life or death thing and I do wash my hands as regularly as I need to so it's not like I avoid water generally... Where is the line between an OK amount of water on my skin and too much water that causes exzema?! It feels weird to randomly select times when I do regular wudu and others when I avoid it and to tayammum... But it's obviously just too much and the line is between my old hand-washing habits and my new hand-washing+wudu habits.

I got some ideas/tips from my husband:

Idea one was that I do wudu with gloves to avoid water on my hand and forearms but that's just weird and defeating the purpose since the Qur'an has an alternative if I can't get water on myself. I don't see why I'd make up my own alternative when there's one right there in the book. And wasting water by using it on top of rubber gloves sounds unislamic. In a small way, but still unislamic.

Idea two was actually really good! For me to try to keep myself in a state of wudu as long as possible to not have to do wudu every time! Asr is around 4:30, Maghreb 7:30 and isha 9pm. I can do all of these with one wudu sometimes which only leaves 2 other prayers to wash for...

For the past few days I do wudu if I feel my skin is sensitive or has worsened and wudu if I'm washing my hands anyway and if I can especially to pray asr so I can keep it until after isha prayer...

What would you suggest I do and what do you base that opinion on? Should I just not worry about it and do tayammum to give the very best chance for my exzema to get better or continue to do a bit of both where my exzema doesn't seem to worsen but doesn't exactly feel great?

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lil-bee said...

Hi Candice,

I suffer from mild eczema on my face and I've also got hayfever (which seems to make it worse) so whenever I do wudu, if I don't layer on my 3 different creams, my face starts burning and itching :(

So anyway, I'm looking forward to an answer to this!

I have a problem with wudu as school since I don't carry all my creams with me but I try and keep my wudu for as long as possible :) means I can get Zuhr - Magrib done usually :) but that means I can't drink any water during the day lol.

SS said...

Thayammum is better in ur case if u r not adding any bida'h activities to your islamic faith.

LK said...

You need to speak to a scholar or sheik regarding this issue. Its causing you a health problem so I;m sure there is a solution.

Candice said...

I'll try to ask someone soon. In the meantime, will continue maintaining my skin the way it is now with mostly wudu and sometimes tayammum.

HijabRockers said...

U could do tayammum in case like this. InshaAllah. I'm sure about this coz I had chicken pox end of last year and I referred an ustaz. He said tayammum is allowed if we have skin prob. But I don't think that acne counts tho' =)

truth said...

Every Muslim knows wudu is the part of purifying the body and the faith..

To know about difficulty while doing wudu, either by lack of water or health reasons, it is obvious to make tayammum rather risk your health.
Sure Allah doesn’t like you risk your health for prayer.

If your niyah and eeman is pure and your prayer is honest and for Allah, taymmum is not a big issue.

Becky said...

I struggled so much with this, when I was a Muslim, but sadly never found a solution.

I too have eczema and INCREDIBLY dry skin. When I have a shower I moisturize my face 4-5 times afterwards - and I use creams especially for dry/sensitive skin.

One thing I did was more so wipe the water over my skin, rather than rub it in, and I only did it once instead of the standard 3 times (3 times is not a requirement, it has just become standard).

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