Friday, April 20, 2012

Two linked family stories - Mom/Cousin

About a week ago, my daughter was explaining to me why my hair is straight and her's is curly and it was really funny and cute. I don't remember exactly what she said, but I was telling my mom how cute Nora answered so she went and asked her directly, "Why does your mom have straight hair and not curly hair?"

My daughter starts up on a completely different story (still kinda cute, but not quite what I wanted her to answer as you'll see): 
"Mom doesn't have curly hair because when she takes off her hijab, it's even flatter and it's like this and like this, but she still ties it up in a ponytail!" 

Errrr... Nora! What the heck is she saying? I wear hijab when I pray but my parents don't know of my conversion and if anything, it's a bit of a don't wanna know situation with them, I feel. They must not be far from knowing, but probably don't want to ask flat out either. What my daughter said combined with the time a couple years ago that my brother "caught" me wearing hijab out in public and my very positive way of speaking about Islam and going to the mosque sometimes which they know about must make them think that I sometimes wear hijab out and that I'm Muslim. Well... part of that is true except the hijab part. 

I'm not ready for them to know so I was left really red and uncomfortable, hoping my mom wouldn't ask and she didn't... 


I was at my cousin's house earlier in the week and I was just talking to her about the Muslim women I met up with a while ago. It might only have to do with this... But she brought up hijab right away and asked if I'd ever wear it or if I planned on wearing it. We were not talking about hijab at all. I was mostly just talking about how many kids there were when we met up and how nice it was to hang out with other moms so even if we were in a "Muslim" type of conversation, it was still pretty far to bring up hijab. Especially hijab on me!

I think it's possible my mom talked to her about it, or to someone else and it got to my cousin... We're a pretty close family and women like to chit chat. I don't really care or mind so it's not a big deal whether or not that's how it happened but it brought something that really touched me. 

My cousin told me she didn't like the idea of hijab, but that if I ever wore it she'd be fine with it and would still hang out with me and it would change nothing of our relationship. :)

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you've gone this long without them figuring out your Muslim! I was estranged from my sisters before I converted. I only began talking to them again in December. And they were like, Oh yea we knew you were Muslim. Apparently they heard from others.I thought is was going to be a big deal. Like I would have to confess it to them, but they didn't mind. In the end they are my sister and will support me.

Candice said...

That's great they took it so well!

truth said...

Interesting post

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