Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Store (sharing pics)

The store is actually going well these days! Lots of business for the past 3 weeks or so and my husband is exhausted! But it's good news of course that he has so much stuff to fix and is selling things as well. If it can continue like this for a few months, he can clear his debts and think about quitting his other full time night shift job. We need to have cleared those debts and have a trend that indicates that the store could at the bare minimum continue to cover its costs to start really considering this option. But staying with the other full time job is no long-term option either.

The store front. Those game boxes are gone and are a display TV now with our promotions.  We are closing the other side of the store that we don't see in the picture we tried to open for the games.

Store is very small. This is most of the display area. When we clean out the games from two other similar displays, we'll have better computer stuff displays. 
From the entrance, the door to the back store and our cash area. And Adam's parking spot.  
The messy messy MESSY back of the store. The pile of blankets and diaper bag is mine for Adam though and I'm taking care of recycling which is those boxes there... But still, it's not amazing organization. Understand why I get frustrated? lol  

This is the other side of the store that is being closed down. We sold the TVs and tables and have someone who will hopefully buy 2 couches too. We are redefining and eliminating the games section to focus on computers. Should've been that from the beginning but he tried and got it out of his mind! My husband would've loved to combine computers and games but it was simply not meant to be.

Funny thing, the guy who used to have a computer store here closed for a couple months and re-opened somewhere and in his new store, he also sells jewelry. Errr.... WTF, right?

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truth said...

nice shop..
may allah help to make your(husband's)business succesful.
insha allah.. and aameen.

Susanne said...

It's so fun to see the store and imagine you there! Glad you shared :)

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