Monday, April 30, 2012

Sex disgusts me

OK, it's an exaggerated statement because sex with my husband doesn't disgust me at all...

But the idea of sex with someone else who has had sex with others is just disgusting. Until he has been without sex for a certain amount of time and gotten tested for all STDs under the sun. I'm not going to teach my children about safe sex, I'm going to teach them about paranoid sex! I'll teach them about the ideal of waiting until after marriage, etc. but I'm a realist and I find sex ed very important so that if they have a decision to make, they can make an informed one.

Seriously though, my friend is creeping me out with her STDs! She had one before (HPV) and now risks having another one that the guy told her about after doing the deed. She's more worried about the new one and is quite depressed about it all. She feels that if she has it, she will lose any chance at having a good relationship with someone, etc. I don't think that's 100% true but not sleeping around for a while would be necessary because as it is now, no man takes her seriously as relationship material and honestly, I know she's not "there" yet.

What worries and disgusts me even more is that she had HPV before and for that one, she never felt it was necessary to tell her partners about it! I know it's not a very big deal for a man who gets it (for himself), but he is going to sleep with someone else, and transmit it to someone else! GOOD JOB. She was so upset and angry at the guy she figures gave it to her (though realistically it could have been any of the previous partners too) and she somehow forgot to follow that thought through... To see that the reason he didn't know he had it (if he even does) is because a woman who had it didn't tell him (or didn't even know she had it). That she is helping the spread of HPV by sleeping around without telling them about it first. With the people she sees, they probably would do it anyway and probably would not warn a future partner, but it's about not being a hypocrite too I think.

Seriously people: PARANOID SEX FTW!!!

Note: In this day and age, paranoid sex= abstinence, am I right?

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.::Tuttie::. said...

I hope your friend and others like her are granted hidayat to understand their situation. I think education is the most important aspect or at least I hope so because am AWESOME at teaching stuff. lol. I taught my brothers about safe sex or as you call it paranoid sex and it changed their approach to it.

FYI before anyone gets offended I wasn't Muslim when I taught them and I didn't hold anything back. One of my brothers when he did become active informed me that when he was in the middle of the excitement he remembered my face and the condoms speech I gave him and he stopped to go get one. He said I ruined his sex life. lol

nah dude. If you are going to do it be responsible. Having a baby is not the worst thing that can happen, getting an incurable STD is. I was also their 'teacher' for other more academic subjects and they did extremely well there too. So I am truly hoping education is key. Because otherwise I don't know what else to do.

LK said...

Teaching responsibility is important and as Tuttie says babies aren't the worst outcome. But your friend is a promiscuous one. There is a difference between sex before marriage and promiscuity. Outside of a committed, open, honest relationship sex is dangerous. No doubt.

Tryer said...

I want my children to learn about it from the right sources, so what better source than parents and teachers? Living in a hyper-sexual society where girls and boys are embarrassed if they are still virgin in high school, the need for properly guided sex education is more than ever before.

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