Friday, April 27, 2012

Police People of my City

I think they don't have much to do. They give out parking and speeding tickets mostly, and deal with conflicts. Remember around Christmas when someone parked in front of my yard and I was unable to get my car in? They were on the scene in 10 minutes! Just now there was a small accident in front of my store. Someone was coming out of a lot and wasn't able to see the incoming car on the street because of a large van and a small kaboom happened (no one hurt but the incoming car's hood is kinda crooked). Police were on the scene in, I swear, less than 3 minutes.

Do they have nothing to do? I guess it's a good thing that these are the most pressing matters! lol

3 Comentários:

Canadian Hijabi said...

You should be happy that cops are very quick in Montreal. In Toronto they take longer than usual because it's such a huge city!!!!! I think we should be proud that Canadian polices are very prompt for n'importe quel sujet!!!

Candice said...

It's not actually Montreal, it's a smaller city a bit away!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Well here in Houston if there is any kind of accident big or small, you get a swarm of wrecker drivers in two or three minutes tops . It may be a good 20-30 minutes before you see a cop.

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