Saturday, April 7, 2012

MPV Principle EIGHT

Principle 8

Critical Analysis and Interpretation: We call for critical engagement with Islamic scripture, traditional jurisprudence, and current Muslim discourses. We believe that critical thinking is essential to spiritual development. We promote interpretations that reflect basic Qur'anic principles of tolerance, inclusiveness, mercy, compassion, and fairness.

Commentary: Like the Qur'an tells us, we should use our reasoning and not deny it. The Qur'an also tells us to be kind, generous, tolerant, just, etc. etc. (all sorts of beautiful values) and the interpretations that support these values and are supported by the Qur'an should be looked into. Why follow rulings blindly especially when they are only found in man-compiled hadiths and go against Qur'anic principles. Are Qur'anic principles not more of a base to our faith than this? If we can put fear of questioning the way we learned Islam aside, we might learn something new (and maybe we'll confirm that what we believed is indeed what we still believe - but more strongly after this critical analysis).

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