Friday, April 27, 2012

Acceptance has no boundaries

"im a white muslim woman who for the most part does not wear hijab. im a nurse and a mother to 5 mixed race children. 4 black/white and 1 white/egyptian brown. i was born and raised in the southern some im a southern cracker, ignorant jerry springer georgian. to some im a nigger lover. to some im whitey. to some im a towel head, oppressed woman, terrorist. to some im forever a revert - never a real muslim. to some im an infidel american, to some im a poor excuse for a muslim because im not covered all of the what am i then? what is the person at the bottom of this messy pile? i am the same as all of you. a human with a heart and soul who believes that acceptance has no boundaries."

- Quoting my good online friend Jana.

I'm a pretty trusting person. To the point of innocence and naivety sometimes (but I'm starting to recognize it now)... It's hard to believe how much hate there is in the world when someone like Jana, a simply wonderful person, can be treated like this on so many occasions.

I'm hoping most people reading this completely disagree and are appalled by the way she was treated. I'm hoping the last sentence resonates with you. That she should have been accepted for her choices and not judged as she was judged by whoever those people were.

But I'm asking my fellow Muslims this: What if it was one step different and she was a Muslim woman married to a non-Muslim man? Or one step further and she was letting her teenage daughter and her boyfriend live under her roof? Or one more step further and she came out as a lesbian but still wanted to attend Jumah on Fridays?
Would you be open to having her be part of the Muslim community? Would you tolerate her without judgement? Would you allow her to live this lifestyle freely and put your personal ideas aside?

Please note that those examples have nothing to do with Jana herself and are ideas that aren't inspired by her in any way. Just inspired by judgement that I've seen happen to other people in these situations.

How would you react to a person wanting to be part of Islam and wanting to worship God and wanting to be part of a community of Muslims if she fit any of the above situations? Would you still welcome her with open arms? Would you give her love, acceptance, generosity (basically everything that is good and islamic, everything that you would hope for if you were yourself new in a community)?

It's something I've started to believe in more and more strongly with time. That we can never be too open-minded. 

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Safiyah said...

Nice post, Candice!
I think that it's really not our place to decide if someone can be part of the Muslim community or not. Every person deserves to be accepted as he/she is. I see a lot of judgement in my environment, and I just think it's wrong, very wrong.

Explore said...

Nice post - and we all love Jana!

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