Thursday, April 5, 2012

The haram sandwich

Mind if I tell a ranting story?
I can't believe I've already had two annoying religion situations with girls I met 3 weeks ago. Seems like too much! It's no wonder those two in particular I didn't spend much time talking to and clicking with.
A couple of them are meeting up tomorrow at an indoor play place for the kids and the woman was trying to get the owners of the place to accommodate them by allowing them to bring food they ordered from outside. I said I personally would rather follow their rules and respect the reasons they have them like needing to make a bit of money on the snacks and drinks and sandwiches they sell on site. Two women agreed that we should eat there.
Another one writes that she would not eat their food because if a place has ham, everything is contaminated! For example if a person uses her hands to make both the ham sandwich which we cannot eat and an egg sandwich. She says that the egg sandwich becomes haram.
I admit I might've been a bit harsh. I couldn't help it but I replied sarcastically. I wrote, "Using that logic, we wouldn't be able to buy a bag of chips at a store that sells pork? My husband wouldn't have been able to kiss me because I've eaten pork before? Let's not go nuts! There's a difference between eating a ham sandwich and eating an egg sandwich prepared by someone who has made a ham sandwich."
One of the women who was willing to eat there tried to reassure by saying that the rules on contamination are strict and they'd have to use a different board and utensils for each sandwich and that she wasn't worried and joked that we werent there to appear in the news (religious accommodation is on and off a big topic that makes Mulsims look bad in the news).
This was all in French so this will be an interpretation of the haram girl's reply to me, "I don't make the rules on what is allowed and what is not! Seriously, your comment is pretty dumb Candice. Ask your mosque if someone makes a ham sandwich and right away after a halal turkey sandwich it becomes haram. Get some information before you talk!"
And then she said she wasn't able to go tomorrow afterall.
I didn't reply and I'll just stay out of it but I'm really tempted to ask what the acceptable delay is for a person to be able to make a halal sandwich!

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Susanne said...

You are so sensible! Sorry for having to deal with people like this. :(

LK said...

Pork is haram largely due to the fact that it was often diseased. Parasites loved pork. So one would gather then that it would be the consumption, not the touching of, pork that would be haram. Plus the shop probably makes the sandwiches before hand anyway so they wouldn't touch. Due to allergy issues food places are pretty careful about contamination.

Bessy Espina said...

Whoa! Haram police!

Mona Z said...

I can't stand when people get so fanatic about things.

jana z. said...

this is the fanaticism that i love to hate! people OVER THINK way too much. as LK said, we arent allowed to EAT pork but we an hold it, touch it, throw it, sling it, roll on it...ok i know im being silly but people are bloody insane about this!!!!!!!!!! i just get tired from stuff like this.

Candice said...

Susanne: I could have been more sensible and skipped the sarcasm... I couldn't help it.

LK: Yes, she needs to maybe evaluate the reasons why... Converts go so extreme on stuff sometimes!

lil-bee said...

Its all good to try and be careful, but theres being careful and theres pointing the finger at everyone else not on the same level of carefulness and calling them haram -.-

Like LK said, people now a days are very careful with contamination for allergies. I don't think its to do with delay, but the possible overlap between the two.

So say this was a Subways, and she used the same glove for each sandwich and the person before me had ham, I'd have a issue with her not changing her glove when serving me, whether it was right after or after an hour, etc.

Actually now that I mention that, I can't remember what they do tbh :/ I think each new person gets a new sandwich maker who hopefully uses a new glove, but I think I remember there being one person each for the salads, meats, etc for all the people :/

Candice said...

lil bee: Yes, I'm sure she meant contamination between the two and that she worded things wrong. I took advantage of what she said in my response instead of replying to what she probably meant. She doesn't write very well and clearly. Lots of mistakes, omitted words, slang...

Becky said...

Heh, I probably would've gotten really snarky and been like, okay, where's your references? You didn't make up the rules? Who did? Where in the Qur'an, Hadiths, does it say how long one must wait?
Most people who go over the top haven't actually looked into these things for themselves.

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