Monday, April 30, 2012

Free Education

It's the huge thing here lately. I don't know how much coverage it has gotten outside of Quebec, but the raise in university tuition planned by our government is causing major demonstrations and destruction around here. The students are going flat out nuts in the streets for the past 2 months against this raise.

Right now, it's just under 2000$ per year for university for a Quebecker. It's not bad at all. It's around 5000$ in most other provinces in Canada as far as I know and maybe 15 000-20 000$ in the USA? I don't think it's the best thing to always compare ourselves to others... I mean, if we can be even better, why not be, right? BUT we are not a rich province! And no one wants to pay more income tax to make university even cheaper so... No choice but to raise the tuition fees! Before 2007, they were flat out stuck at the amount they were at. No raise even for inflation. Since 2007, they have been going up by 100$ per year. But it's simply not enough to cover the hole the government put itself in with years and years of keeping tuition so low. 

The plan is to raise it by 325$ per year for 5 years. So first year 325$, second year 650$, etc until the 5th year, tuition is 1625$ more expensive (total about 3625$ per year). 

Both sides of the debate have their dumb moments as far as I'm concerned. Some students have been more than dumb, they've been flat out criminal by breaking down doors, breaking windows, sending death threats (yeah, bunch of dumbasses). A lot of students have been dumb in doing nothing else than saying, "No to tuition hikes!" and not presenting or even being able to imagine a solution. Some have actually gone the whole way demanding completely free university education. (With what money, I ask)

The ones who are for the tuition hike have had their really dumb moments in saying something like, "You can have an ipod but you can't pay an extra 325$?". I'm not sure if they understand that it's 225$ (minus the 100$ it would already go up) the first year, 450$ extra the second year, 675$ extra the 3rd year so if a person started his first of three years the first year of the hike, he'd be spending 1350$ more for his education... Ditching the ipod won't cover it. And if a person is entering university after the 5 years are done, it'd be 1125$ more than he would've paid just for that first year! 

So yes, it's steep when we're used to paying under 2000$ per year and I understand that point. 

The new offer by the government is to increase it over a period of 7 years instead of 5 years. But over 7 years, it's going to end up being 1778$ increase at the end and not 1625$ (or even 1625$ plus inflation). So there goes a new batch of outrage! It's no longer an increase of 75%, it's an increase of 82%. 

What they don't seem to want to take into consideration is the amount each year that the government would've gotten that they would not get if they raised it the same amount of 1625$ over 7 instead of 5. It's not just the amount of those two extra years, it's an amount each year that is more and more each year. The first year, they get 70 something less, the second year, 100 something less, etc. Altogether over 7 years (taking into account that the 7th year they pay more than 1625$) they will still have lost over 1000$. If we don't take inflation into account and the variation in number of students enrolled and suppose that after 5 years they stay at 1625$ for the future and after 7 years 1778$ for the future, it will be the 15th year after the start of raising tuition that they will have gotten what they lost by raising it over 7 years.

So it's not THAT outrageous, is it?

Anyway, I'm just tired of hearing about it and tired of them wreaking havoc on the city and tired of hearing people want everything for nothing in this life! 

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ireminisces said...

So expensive to get knowledge.. Is it really knowledge or a £££ system.

Asalamu alaikum
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Tryer said...

My idea of an education system is to implement a robin hood model where the rich will compensate for the poor, thereby making education available for everyone equally!

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