Friday, April 27, 2012

Aahh, I was at my parents and my prayer alarm beeped. No big deal, just a couple beeps. My daughter says, "Mom, it's the alarm for prayer!", "Are we going to do the prayer here at Mamie and Papy's?", "Mom, when the alarm rings, it's time to do the prayer NOW"
Then she showed my mom the positions and told her, the prayer is "akbar". She even managed to tell my mom that she didn't do it alone because she didn't know how, it was only me.

So yeah... That was awkward, and like I wrote before, my mom didn't ask a lot of questions. She asked my daughter if she did the prayer and how it was, but nothing to me like, "Why are you praying Islamic prayers, are you Muslim?"

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SS said...

you can compare Children to angels.

god bless.

LK said...

Ah your parents don't know yet. Thats adorable of your daughter though. Practicing more than many adults. :)

NeverEver said...

mashaAllah kids really pick stuff up huh? and they say things so innocently subhanAllah!

I am the only muslim that my niece knows, but she totally corrects me before I go out of the house if my clothes aren't properly covering me looool

.::Tuttie::. said...

aww that's adorable! May Allah swt preserve your daughter and grant her the best in this life and the next. AMEEN.

About your parents, that's awkward but I think they suspect already. If they haven't angrily approached you about it I consider that a good sign :) inshaAllah.

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