Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why do I even believe in God

I am one of those believers who acknowledges that atheists have just as strong of a case against God's existence as I do for God's existence. I am basically an agnostic Muslim. It doesn't change that I believe in God, I just know that I don't *know* that God exists. I can feel confident, but that's not proof. Atheists are just as confident as I am.

I always feel the need to clarify what God is to me when I talk about God because I don't believe in an old-looking man with a beard sitting on a throne in the clouds and I'd personally rather people thought I was an atheist than a person who believes in God that way. This is for kids to believe in when they are not mature enough to understand beyond what they know (beyond humans). I know that Muslims are more strict about not trying to figure out what God looks like, but a lot of Muslims believe in a physical throne that God sits on. And if He's sitting on a throne, then it also points towards God being like a person. Who else sits on chairs? To me that whole idea is just pure baloney.

To me God is beyond what we can know or understand. Physically, there is nothing we know or should try to know. He "sits on a throne" means that he is all-powerful (like kings were to their people). In his attributes, there are limited things we can know and understand and that we can work with. LIMITED. For me, the most important parts are that God is truth. God is love. God is justice. God is goodness.

So why do I believe in God? Because I believe in the things I just mentioned and I just think that these concepts are too powerful to exist alone without a greater power. I wouldn't blame someone who believes in nothing beyond our day to day reality because that is the only thing they have real proof of (and I was one of them from childhood until around 18 years of age) but I personally believe in more. I also wouldn't blame people who believe God is a man-like figure who sits on a throne because I know how strong culture can be in shaping our beliefs (and I was one of them until age 6 or so). But I am neither of them. I am an agnostic Muslim.

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Metis said...

I love, LoVe, LOVE this post! My God, Candice, where have I been?! Why didn't we meet before? :)

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