Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tagged: A Ray of Sunshine

Becky from Becky's Kaleidoscope has tagged me with the Sunshine Blog Award.

Here are the questions this award/tag comes with:

Favourite colour:

I love all colours so this is hard, but I'll have to go with pink. I love cuteness and no colour feels as cute as pink.

Favourite animal:

Dogs. No animal has made me feel like my dog has. She passed 3.5 years ago and I still think of her all the time and miss her. My dream is to have a shelter for dogs someday, something foster-based so I can help more than the maximum 4 dogs that are allowed per home in this city... Anyway, it may not happen since I live with a pretty traditional Muslim :(

Favourite number:

Same as colours, I like all numbers... Different numbers for different needs. I can't set an alarm clock at a random time, it HAS to be by 5's and preferably by 15's (:00, :15, :30, :45) or I feel just plain "off". But I like the number 3 for other uses like for adjectives describing something, "My baby is such a smiley, happy and content one." or "I can't believe how cold, heartless and cruel some people are."
So I'll go with 10 or 3 as favourite number.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink:


Facebook or Twitter:

Facebook. Can't seem to "get" Twitter.

My passion:

Passion is the one thing I've always wanted more of in my life since I was a child. I'm not especially passionate. I'm more of an "everything" type of person and I would rather not think of passion because it makes me realize that I still want that in my life, even if right now I'm content and happy with the way I am.

Getting or giving presents:

Don't know. I never know what to get people and I have trouble being 100% satisfied with what I get too. I get this from my mom. She can make a person feel BAD for giving her a gift. When I was 14 or so, I had a little summer job and saved up a bunch of money and got her and my dad a new stereo and they made me return it because they felt it was too much. I was so so so happy about getting it for them and I just wound up feeling terrible that they didn't want it and spent the whole evening sobbing secretly. Anyway...

Favourite pattern:

I like a lot of patterns... From polka dot to animal print to paisley to square to leafy... I only don't like those that are made to look 3Dish.

Favourite day of the week:

I'm on maternity leave so it doesn't make much of a difference. I guess I like Mondays lately because I get to relax after taking care of the kids alone all weekend. Nora is at daycare, my husband is gone and I take it easy with the baby and do house stuff and errands and I can take a nap if I need it.

Favourite flower:

Flowers a beautiful and I like them, but I love trees more, so my love of trees coupled with my love of pink makes me love cherry blossoms. :)

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3 Comentários:

Mona Z said...

Thanks! This was fun, I just posted it :)

Susanne said...

Fun post! I enjoyed learning these things about you. Sorry though that your parents made you cry when you did something so sweet for them!

Becky said...

Yay, thank you for filling it out :)

I loved learning more about you :)

I really hope you'll be able to have dogs one day :) I know many traditional Muslims have issues, but I also know many Muslims who don't.

As for Twitter, it took me forever to "get" it.

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