Tuesday, March 27, 2012


It has been over a week since I met up with the group of women I wrote about and I still feel the effect of the being with people who prioritize spirituality.

I'm back to my normal little life and routine since then but with the freedom of not working full time and the inspiration that came from being with them, I've been praying more and thinking of God more often in my day. How great it feels to not only read about spiritual topics and think of them once in a while, but to actually do something that is making me feel closer to God overall and that I feel is bringing me in the right direction.

I consider it all part of the long and meaningful journey that will end at the same time as my life here on earth and I feel like every part of it was significant and important, but it's nice to get out of the dormant phase and to be more active.

I haven't thought of being openly Muslim in a long time and the idea is slowly returning. The three things I pray for the most are (1) for God to allow me to be a better person and allow me to be closer to the truth, (2) to make me strong enough to be who I am and not be afraid of the outside opinion when it comes to displaying my beliefs and (3) for Him to make me have the most positive influence on other people in bringing them closer to goodness, truth, love, unity, justice... to God.

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Susanne said...

lovely thoughts!

Wafa said...

Wish your prayer will be answered.

a beautiful idea to discuss in here,
thanks for sharing :)

jana z. said...

candice, i dont think i could dislike you if i even tried (lol which of course i wouldnt), youre just so fresh and open and honest! i am grateful to have "met" you!

Candice said...

LOL Jana, thanks :) Sweet of you! When you wrote your status on tolerance yesterday I was thinking of doing a post about it and I was thinking out what I'd write and the beginning was, "This comes from a status by my good online friend Jana". I'm very happy to have met you and I do consider you a friend even if we have only "met" and not met. lol

jana z. said...

id be honored!! looks like youve already started the post here, so finish it! would love to read it!!!

Metis said...

Candice, you have used the word 'spiritual/spirituality' thrice in this post and Islam not even once :) I'm wondering, do you really desire *religion* or is it a quest for spiritual satisfaction that is not bound by religion? I'm asking because I asked myself this question some time ago :)

Candice said...

Spirituality is what is most important for me. I would be happy to achieve that without organized religion. I found something valuable and great in Islam and combined with my family being Muslim, it works out... But I guess some parts of me have trouble being linked to more traditional Muslims. In a lot of ways I'm as different than them as I am to a Christian or other religion. Maybe I was unconsciously not linking myself to them since I don't have a lot of the same beliefs and goals.

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