Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sandra Fluke

I have just been shocked by the amount of HATE that exists! I heard a couple days ago about Rush Limbaugh's hateful and disgusting comments about Sandra Fluke. I was really outraged but I figured this was one crazy asshole on the radio and that few people agreed with him. I figured people listened for the drama factor and the feeling you get when you are outraged and fighting against someone. I figured he was someone people loved to hate.

But no! Some people actually believe the same things!! I learned this morning that I really didn't understand what it's like in the USA. I'm sure I still don't, but I saw many, many comments under this picture up there on Facebook full of hate for Sandra Fluke, calling her a whore, calling her a hypocrite, bashing her for all sorts of things. Being very disrespectful towards president Obama as well in all this. Politics become nothing more than a hate game or what?

To address the picture, correct me if I'm wrong, she is not asking the government and tax payers to pay for birth control but rather she is asking for employers and schools to have to include birth control in the things they cover with their insurance plans (which the person pays for themselves), right? And the second part is that I don't think there was anything about covering abortions, was there? Is this like how some people say that taking birth control pills makes you a murderer?

I am really disappointed and disgusted in these American people! Pretty much all the ones I know are great people and I guess I was in the dark about "the other side" but it doesn't seem to be a tiny insignificant part of the population that believes in hateful crap after all. There is a whole country full of problem. No wonder liberals can be so liberal in the USA. They have this bullshit to fight against. Keep up the good work anyway, that's all I can really say.

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LK said...

This is the basics of the deal right now in America. The Catholic Church started it by not wanting to have to offer contraception coverage in their insurance plans for their employees. Ms. Fuke spoke at one of the hearings sighting a situation where her friend had her ovaries out to treat a condition because it was covered by insurance instead of using birth control which would have treated the condition but was not covered by insurance (extreme if you ask me). Birth control pills are very expensive in the US. Some stores like Target or Walmart have programs for certain generic prscriptions making them anywhere from $5 to $15 a month which is reasonable. But if you are like me who is made ill by that one brand they offer you can pay anywhere from $50 to $150 a month. Which is insane if you are taking it for a medical condition like I am.

Should they cover it strictly for birth control? Maybe not but those pills should be covered for medical conditions. Most women here take them because of menstrual issues which is the large portion of the argument. But of course men don't think that is an "issue". A large part of the problem here in America is that we are run by men and they don't understand female issues. We have a long way to go in this country.

Amber said...

What LK said. My sister has to take birth control for medical conditions that have nothing to do with sex. She has incredibly painful menstruation cycles that literally make her sick. She just had to have surgery to remove cysts from her uterus and she has endometriosis. Without the birth control pills she would be essentially crippled for a week every month.

The problem is that all the people talking and making the decisions are men and they have no clue what the hell they're talking about. Seriously. If you look at pictures of all these hearings there are few, if any, women present. Why are all the decisions being made by the people who have no clue what is actually being dealt with?

I don't want to pay for Viagra to be covered by insurance. So there. I don't think not being able to get it up is a medical problem. In fact, if more men couldn't get it up on a regular basis, the world might work better. *crosses arms and stamps foot*

Candice said...

LK: That is crazy! 50$-150$, wow! Our's here are 20$ per month for most types of pills but they are covered. With my insurance now it costs 4$. With the old government insurance there's a monthly deductible of 16$ so since that was my only medication (which I use ONLY for birth control, so not really as medication), I paid most of the 20$, but still it's reasonable. I got the Mirena IUD once with the government medication insurance and the max we can pay for medication is 75$/month so it cost me 75$ for birth control that could have lasted up to 5 years if I kept it in (or didn't fall out 1 day later like it did, damn!)

I think it should 100% be covered for medication purposes and I think it should be as only birth control too but I know how complex the issue is in the USA for that part of it. But it seems like it should not even be a question when it comes to medical uses.

Is Viagra really covered?! I wonder if it is here. I find that pretty ridiculous. They should pay for it out of pocket.

Nikki said...

Amen to what LK said. As for the "dark side" of America....there are a -whole- lot of crazies here. The problem being, their numbers are so large that instead of being considered crazy, they're considered a "viable voice" in arguments such as these.

Becky said...

Without birth control I'd be like Amber's sister (I have endometriosis as well). In DK the pill usually end up costing around $20 for a 3 month supply, however, the way the Danish system works, the more (presecription) drugs you need, the less you pay. I.e., the first $150 a year you pay yourself (although, as can be seen by the above price, part is covered automatically), $150-250 you pay 50%, $250-350 you pay 25% and if you need to spend more than $350 (all numbers approximate) you only pay 15% of the price. For some chronic diseases or if the total cost (without reductions) is above $2500 a year, you can apply for dispensation and the state will then pay for it all.

Candice said...

Nikki: When I heard these opinions, I really thought it was a tiny crazy part of the population but I'm realizing how serious it is now...

Becky: It's no wonder we look up to your government and we talk about Denmark, Sweden and a couple others regularly when discussing the problems with our system and how to improve things.

We have a sort of system like that in our city (municipal level) for sports/activities. If you have one child you pay a certain price (which is about 25% sponsored by the city to begin with), with two children you have 25% off that price for any inscription in those sports/activities, 3+ children gives 50% off. So even a big family should be able to afford their children doing extracurricular activities in this city.

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