Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I was reading a blog and the person was saying she had regrets about becoming Pagan because of difficulties it has caused her (problems with family, problems finding a husband, problems


I feel bad that she has to go through all that and I feel bad that the path that satisfies her spiritually has to put her through so much. It's the same as what so many Muslim converts go through with their families. It might even be harder for Christian parents to accept their child becoming Pagan than Muslim! And it's definitely not that hard for a convert (especially white female though, I will admit) to find a Muslim husband. The way she was talking, it was difficult finding a pagan man. I guess with such a matriarchal religion, less men join.

I'm so blessed that I have an open-minded family and that I know my parents would be there for me and love me no matter what. It's ironic that having a more open-minded family makes it easier for me to tell them about my religion, but also makes it less necessary that I tell them.

Religious topics don't really come up and the parts of beliefs that do don't cause any big discussion or controversy. It just is. For example, I wear a bathing suit that is a t-shirt tunic with 3/4 pants and that is weird for them, but they don't really ask and they don't insist that I wear something more normal. It is what it is. Same with me not eating pork. They just make sure not to make pork when we are there. When I tell them that I went to the mosque, the worst I've gotten is a feeling that they'd be unhappy if I told them I went there to worship, but they don't really want to know from what I can tell so they don't ask and it doesn't cause any especially uncomfortable moments. If I started talking about goddesses and rituals, I don't think it would cause any big issues either.

I feel quite happy keeping my beliefs mostly to myself. I feel comfortable that way and I continue to grow and learn so I don't feel the need to be "out". I don't think it makes what I believe any less real to keep it private from some people/most people and I even think that people need to feel a little bit less pressure to tell the whole world. Sometimes people are not ready and it makes things just that much harder. A person is not a fraud if they keep some things private. The whole world doesn't always need to know.

I have no regrets about the way I've been dealing with it and in fact, it's the way I plan on keeping it the foreseeable future.

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Becky said...

It's funny, this is so different to my family. I grew up in a very religious (Christian) family.

My mum honestly believes I'm going to hell. She loves me, and it isn't out of malice, but because I don't believe in Jesus as my saviour, she believes I'm going to hell and it's breaking her heart. Hurts me so much too, but I can't pretend to believe in something I don't.

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