Thursday, March 22, 2012

Negativity, you annoy me

Everyone has moments when negativity overtakes them and they just need a good bitching session even if they are not negative people overall.

I love to bitch. I think the first step in trying to be more positive and less about ranting and bitching is to acknowledge just that - we love to complain! That's when we can start to deal with the problem of doing it too often.

I know that blogs are very personal and that a person is WAY more than what his or her blog shows us. People with fashion blogs for example are not just fashionistas concerned with nothing else than clothes and make-up. They are regular people outside their blogs, maybe married, maybe they have kids, maybe they are students, maybe they are very strictly practicing Muslims or maybe they are struggling and doing research into their religion, trying to strengthen it, etc. We really can't know. Just because an interest of their's is fashion and that the whole blog is about that means nothing. I don't like it when I see comments on certain blogs that are saying, "You should think about other things than fashion. Islam is more than clothes! What about prayer?" and often a lot more judgmental than that. They are not right to assume that this person does not think about prayer.

I say this to just show that I know that people who are very negative on their blogs are not necessarily like that in real life. They probably have a lot of very positive, nice moments, but have a tendency of sharing the negative. For some, it's because they are going through rough times and they need to get it out. I completely understand that.

For others though, I don't get it. And this is what I will complain about! Trying not to be a hypocrite as I do it. lol

People whose blogs are half about what constitutes correct hijab, which is not negative but does have a feel of closed-mindedness and judgement towards those who don't dress that way. Not too bad. But then the other half of their posts are flat-out judging and even ridiculing styles of hijab, ways of dress. The whole, "that's not hijab!" and "you are wrong" posts. No shying away from using these two phrases or others like them. That annoys me. A LOT.

They might have a whole lot more going on in their lives than bitching about what others wear, and they might not even ever talk to a person like that face to face, but they are doing it online and as far as I'm concerned, they are kidding themselves about their honourable intentions. If they acknowledged that it makes them feel good to point out what others are doing wrong and that they like the feeling they get when they talk about others this way, they'd probably tone it down or eliminate it altogether.

A post like that once in a while doesn't bug me. All of us make comments about what other people wear and I'm going to make one now. I saw a girl yesterday with what I imagine is the new trend for shorts. The pockets were coming out from underneath the shorts they were so tiny! When the pockets are longer than the shorts, there's a problem! See, there's my bitching about what people wear for today, to add to bitching about what people blog about, so I'm about done and I'm going to go focus on other things which will not get posted today but in the next couple days I imagine :)


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