Thursday, March 29, 2012

MPV Principle ONE

I'm going to make a 10-part series on the 10 Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV) principles with a bit of a personal commentary on each of them. I'm just hoping to inform others about the MPV principles and inspire others to think about them for themselves.

1) Identity: We accept as Muslim anyone who identifies as such. The veracity and integrity of that claim is between the individual and God, and is not a matter for the state nor an issue which other individuals can or should judge.

Commentary: We can wonder if certain actions make "a person" fall outside the folds of Islam if we want as a way to better OURSELVES and make sure that we are not part of those, but there should be no judging of others as God is the only one who knows what is in a person's heart. A person, a community, a government or any group should stay away from labeling others for them based on their own interpretations of Islam or observations of a person.

Question for you: Do you accept as Muslim any person who wants to label him or herself Muslim?

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HijabRockers said...

A Muslim must say the kalimah syahadah sincerely and truly accept it in his/her heart. When they say the kalimah syahadah, it means that they have agreed to submit themselves to Allah, His commandments, Rasulullah (pbuh) sunnah and Islamic rulings. If a person refuse to follow what Islam has put as guideline, then the person is not a good Muslim yet. This is my stand and I firmly believe in it because Allah has stated in the Quran, the qualities that a good Muslim must have. That's why being Muslim means we have to learn and never stop learning about Islam. Because Allah will give more understanding about the religion and hedayat when we show effort. The best way to understand Islam is to learn it from 'alim (knowledgeable people) and not people who use their own opinion about Islam based on their limited knowledge and own interpretation of they Quranic verses and hadeeth (without learning).

As for saying a person who has said the kalimah syahadah is a Muslim or not when they show bad qualities or refuse to follow the rulings, (may Allah help me)I would never say this person is not a Muslim. That is up to Allah. Only Allah knows.

May Allah gives hedayat to the entire ummah so we could live in peace and harmony. Aamiin.

Note : This is what I believe and I have no intention to direct this to any particular person. I love all my Muslim sisters and brothers and I only wish the best for everybody in this world and after. InshaAllah.

Um Zakarya said...

Assalamu Alaykum,

Being a traditional muslim and following one of the 4 traditional Schools of thoughts (Madhabs), I believe a person is muslim as long as they have the correct belief unanimously recognised by all the Traditional Sunni muslims (7 pillars of Faith), and doesn't slander our Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) or his wives and companions, and doesn't deny any Islamic principles found in Quran and Sunnah (IE: if someone says "praying is not compulsory", he falls out of the fold of Islam and I wonb't consider her/him muslim).
And ALLAH SWT knows best.

truth said...

Assalamu Alaikum.

Bid’ah is taken from the word Al-Bada’ meaning to create something without precedence. One needs to distinguish between the two kinds of bid’ah. The first type is innovation in matters of the world in technology, medicine, computers, etc. This is allowed because it involves matters of life. The second kind of bid’ah is innovation in matters of religion, and this is the bid’ah which this article is focusing on.

‘Aisha(R) reported Muhammad(S) said: "Whoever innovates into this affair of ours something that we have not commanded it is to be rejected" (Bukhari and Muslim)

Jaabir (R) narrated Muhammad(S) said, "To proceed: The best speech is the Book of Allah and the best guidance and example is that of Muhammad, and the worse of all things are the newly invented things (in the religion), for every innovation is a error and a misguidance." (Muslim) "…Every innovation is a going astray and every going astray is in the fire." (Tirmidhi)

Metis said...

I know someone who calls himself a Muslim but he doesn't believe that the Prophet Muhammad received revelations. He also says half the kalimah - La illaha illalAllah. There are all sorts of Muslims and who am I to judge anyone?!

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